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Start Date: March 12, 2018 - First Time Whole30


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My wife and I started our first Whole30 yesterday.  I have read about the first 100 pages of the Whole30 book and need to continue reading because there is so much I do not, yet, know about the program.  

A little about me: Back in May of 2014 my health was poor and I weighed around 320 lbs.  I decided to change my lifestyle and started eating healthy and exercising.  I started with walking which turned into running which led to my first 10K race in late 2014.  In 2015 I added cycling and swimming and started doing short distance (Sprint and Olympic) triathlons.  Things were going great and I managed to lose over 80 lbs in just over 6 months by simply not eating junk and exercising.  I was going strong for over 2 years and then in mid-2016 I fell off the wagon from a nutritional perspective.  I started having sweets and drinking alcohol (beer mostly) more often than before.  I was (and am) still training and competing in various types of races.  Then, I had an injury to my lower back in 2017 and could not exercise or compete for over 3 months.  Yet, I continued to consume calories as if I were burning them like before, most of the calories being the "bad choice" kind.  All this led to my putting back on 25 lbs of the weight I worked so hard to lose.  

I know the science behind nutrition.  I know how certain foods trigger insulin reactions and give you a false sense of being full followed by a false sense of being hungry.  I know the impact of healthy calories versus unhealthy calories.  Yet, I have continued to struggle to get back on track.  

Then, my wife mentioned she wanted to do the Whole30 program and I was immediately on-board. I cannot tell you how important it is (for me anyway) not to be on such a journey alone.  Trying to have a regimen of any kind is tough enough, but doing it alone it nearly impossible when the less healthy options are always around.  I am very excited to be going through this program and look forward to the support my wife and I will give each other, as well as the support we can find right here in this forum / community.  

Regards, Chuck

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