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An Amazing Experience


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I began my first round of Whole30 ever on February 15th - yes, the day after Valentine's Day (which means all the Valentine's candy and chocolate my students got me was donated to my boyfriend's work- hey at least someone enjoyed it)!  A little bit about me...I've always been pretty healthy.  I worked out pretty regularly, and was "fit" by most peoples standards, but I still wasn't feeling great.  Physically and mentally I constantly felt bogged down - was it because of work? life's stressors? what I was eating?  I didn't know, but I did know that something needed to change.  So, I made the commitment to complete Whole30 after reading about other people's positive experiences. 

I have an abnormally large sweet tooth, so my sugar consumption was through the roof.  That "sugar dragon" they talk about - it's a real thing and it dictated way too much of what I ate and how I rewarded myself.  So with that being said, I knew what my biggest challenge was going to be - cutting out the sweets!  Still, I knew going in, it was only 30 days which in the span of a lifetime is nothing.  And so I began my journey...

At the start, I bought the "Whole30 Day by Day" book (which I totally recommend).  This book really helped hold me accountable of what I was eating, allowed me to reflect on the day, and how I felt and gave some excellent tips and what to expect.  To set myself up for success, I cleared the house of all junk food, and looked up lots of healthy and appealing recipes.   

Here are some of the things I experienced along the way:  I must say that I fortunately did not experience many of the common symptoms (headaches, less sleep, backups, bloat).  On days 7-9, I admit I was SUPER cranky and all I wanted was cake (those were honestly the only days I really had serious cravings), but I pressed forward and come day 10 I was back in the swing of things.  I spent A LOT of time finding good recipes, at the grocery store reading labels and cooking, but I realized how much it was all worth it.  The positive changes I have been experiencing are truly life changing.  Prior to Whole30 I wasn't working out, now I get up at 5:45 everyday before work to go to the gym and I also try and go after work to finish my day strong - my energy levels are AMAZING!  My body is so much more fit and I just feel healthy.  My hair feels fuller and less oily, I'm not bloated, my skin is clear, and I sleep well and don't crash during the day.  I don't feel urges to eat cake and can actually walk right past it without feeling any remorse.  I've learned that others try to influence what you eat - people will literally feel bad that you can't have sweets or alcohol, but I remind them that it is a choice and how I feel great.  I've never once deprived myself of food or calorie counted, I just eat until I am satisfied.  I am on Day 27 now, and although I plan to start incorporating "off limits" foods to my diet post Whole30, I actually feel like I am in control.  I know what to do if I start to feel crumby again,  and plan to keep Whole30 as a lifestyle choice.  I can honestly say I have a changed mindset and I have that TIGER BLOOD!

As for saying, "Good Luck" to those trying - for me it isn't about luck.  It is about having a focus, goal, determination, motivation and drive to complete something I set out to do...so I won't say good luck...Instead, I will give you my advice: You are in control of your body, nobody else is - push yourself, try new things, believe in yourself, you can do it!  If you want to change, make changes and be the person you want to be!  To follow me on instagram and see my progress, follow me at: awildfoxontherun215


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Your experience has been much like mine (although I doubt I will ever hop out of bed at 5:45 to workout :))

I also was fortunate to not experience most of the temporary side effects, but with all the positive changes - and I couldn't agree more about the value of the Day-by-Day book.  In fact, I'm still keeping a food and insight journal (Day 46) and find it really helpful.

Great job - and here's to more success!




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