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Whole 30 Iced Coffee

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Are you cold brewing your coffee, or making it hot and then cooling it? If you're making it hot and then cooling it, try blending everything while it's hot, and then refrigerating or pouring over ice -- you may still need to blend it a bit before drinking but I think it'll work better than just trying to blend into cold coffee. If you're cold brewing, I don't know that you'll ever get the ghee to work right, but I do put coconut milk in my cold brew and it's usually fine, though sometimes it sort of gets a little chunky, so it looks like milk that's gone bad, but since I know it's okay, I just drink it. Blending (and when I say blending, I mean with a blender, either in a traditional blender or with an immersion blender) helps some, but coconut just does weird things when it's cold. I don't know if warming the coconut milk before you mix it with the cold coffee would make any difference or not.

You might have better luck with some of the cartons of coconut milk or almond milk that you can find in the refrigerated section -- there are a few compliant options available now, and they're meant to be for mixing into things, so they may work better than the canned coconut milk which works better warmed up. 


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