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Day 7 - the thoughts running through my head

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In the Daily emails it says to come on here and share my experience/thoughts, but I don't see where I'm supposed to do that... so I'm just posting here.

Day 6 was awful. I forgot to eat lunch because my plans got sidetracked by a couple of family members, so when I got to my car I ripped open a pack of pepperoni my uncle makes and then had an orange pepper when I got home - I wasn't prepared for the change in plans and was starving.

Then even though I had a great dinner, we had some friends/neighbours over for new years eve and it was soooooo hard to not have a drink. I put out the pepperoni (pepperettes) for them and bought some dill pickle popcorn (because I don't like it at all), but a coworker had given me a box of cookies for Christmas that I wanted to get out of the house, so I put those out and it was super hard not to eat those! So I ended up eating more pepperettes than I needed or wanted and 2 bananas - not because I was hungry, but because I wanted those cookies! I also only brought 2 cans of pop into the house so that the guests could have a drink and there would be nothing left for me to want to drink (I'm a rye & ginger girl). I guess the silver lining is that I got through it without eating the entire box of cookies (which I totally would have previously)

Anyway, when I woke up today all I wanted was to eat a cake, or brownies, or even just a jar of icing ... and I'm still thinking about the icing even though I had an awesome breakfast consisting of ground beef with onions cooked in olive oil(yummmmm) and kale and strawberries.

I also felt the need to weigh myself to see if anything has happened since I'm not seeing any other benefits yet. But I won't ... ugh

Oh Day 8 ... please bring me some sign that this is going to pay off!!


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