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Never-ending Period


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I know there have been a ton of period posts but I can't find the answer I am looking for so figured I would try again. 

I did my first Whole 30 during January and loved it so much that I am still mostly eating W30 except that I have added back some hard cheese on occasion and a glass of wine once per week. My period while on W30 was incredibly heavy but on time and lasted for my normal 3 days. My second period in Feb was also on time and normal (much lighter). Then, 8 days after I finished my period (on day 11 of my new cycle) I started bleeding again (not spotting, actual bleeding) and it has been 7 days now and it's doesn't seem to be stopping. It's not overwhelmingly heavy, just normal period flow with light cramps.

I have heard other people say this happened to them and they have on-going bleeding... but what I want to know is how long it typically lasts? Are we talking weeks? And does this typically happen just one time and then my cycles will become regular, or this will be an on-going issue if I try to stay on a modified W30 permanently?

I have been to my OB recently so I highly doubt something new could be wrong with me, but I guess you never know. 

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Hi @klnyc - I see that you read through and posted in the other current period thread and so you likely saw my answer there. First, bleeding for just three days is actually not "normal" in that it doesn't jive with hormone regulation and balance. Second, yes, people can have either some breakthrough bleeding or they can experience a drop in progesterone which can cause bleeding. 

I would suspect that because your body sounds like it's still working out hormonal balance, that this is annoying but not problematic. Of course I am not a doctor so this is not medical advice. What it is, is that we have discussed this with so, so many women over the years and period regulation, early period, second period, late period are all so common and does eventually even out. I can't specifically say how many days exactly, sorry. I couldn't see it being an ongoing issue if you continue to eat Whole30-ish with proper meal timing and composition. 

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