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Starting with the beginning of spring...


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Hi Folks, just diving in...Although I've been eating paleo-ish for years now, loosing almost 100lbs in the last two years, I need to give both my weightloss and my health another boost, so here I am. Done the prepwork, gotten myself mentally ready and using the 21th of march as my starting date...

The cliffnotesversion of my path until now:
now 38, gotten obese at about 18, Binge Eating Disorder
Muddled through life
Got chronic mononucleosis at 33, gained another pile of weight until I topped at 310ish lbs
My body started to stutter, aches and pains and I visualised a superobese scooterdriving future... that turned me around
Eating healthy (paleoish with the portion control system from weightwatchers), working out, lost 100 lbs by september 2017, when I got acute liverfailure following a course of antibiotics
The recovery from that, plus workload, equalled a full burnout last december
Since then I'm rebuilding my life not based on what I'm moving away from anymore, but by what I want in my life.
In a sense I'm only just growing up now...

In other news: got a boyfriend, 5 chickens (yay fresh eggs) and 3 cats, live in the south of the Netherlands, own a lawfirm, love music from classics to metal and am a druid in training...
You can find me on instagram by the handle warriorlifestylenl if you like...


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