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I am officially on day 32! This is my first post because I have been using Whole30 Day by Day that another Whole30er gifted me. It was an awesome tool to hold me accountable and help me anticipate the day ahead, as well as, reflect on the day's events at the end. On Day 30, I reflected on the NSVs that I had achieved, and there were SOO many more than I anticipated! I had highlighted the ones that I wanted/expected to achieve, and I absolutely exceeded that goal! It's really rewarding to be able to say I completed the Whole30 completely and correctly. That, in itself, has boosted my confidence! But, I'm also more energetic, I make intentional (in the moment) decisions about the food I eat. And, I enjoy and savor every bite. 


Last night was the first reintroduction night, and I had planned on a date night with my husband and a glass of wine with dinner. Well, I double booked, and ended up staying late at work so when I got home he was asleep. I decided to have the glass of wine, anyway, since it was reintroduction and I had been looking forward to it, but I realized that I was disappointed. It is obviously the date night and his company that I was looking forward to and the wine would have been a bonus because I didn't enjoy the wine as much without him there to celebrate with me. (My coworkers ordered pizza and I intentionally ordered grilled salmon and veggies and passed on the pizza several times.)


Thank you, Whole30 Community, for your support! I look forward to "the life after" :)

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