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Legumes reintroduction


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R1D31 from my Lenten Whole30 and I started the reintroduction with legumes:

hummus included with breakfast... didn’t have any negative effects YES!  I miss hummus and chickpeas in general

peanut butter (Kraft Crunchy my regular) included with lunch...  oh oh... within 30 minutes severe  diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a strange reaction (to me anyway) of intense muscle pain in my right upper shoulder radiating up into my neck to behind my ear.  Not pleasant definitely not worth it!

peas included with dinner... within 30 minutes some stomach twinges, return of the shoulder/neck pain, a brief headache and 3 hours after eating, I was ravenous and started snacking without control!

I have a couple of questions...

1.  Is it possible to not have a reaction to a specific legume while having various levels of reactions to others?  

After the reintroduction phase, I would definitely like to include chickpeas as a part of my weekly meals as a vegetarian alternative.

2.  Would it be wise to do a redo reintroduction of plain peanuts to make sure it wasn’t the added ingredients that cause my reactions?

i would do this as a slow roll following the fast track outline.

3. Is the muscle pain reaction normal?


Thanks for any insights 

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1) Yes -- many people specifically do peanuts and soy as separate from other legumes and have different reactions to them, though I suppose your reactions could even differ between navy beans and lima beans.

2) Yes, it makes sense to redo that reintroduction with plain peanuts, or double check your peanut butter and if it has added stuff, see if you can find one without that stuff -- I know there are brands that are just peanuts and salt. 

3) I'm not really sure. People's reactions can be very different, so it's possible that this is a normal reaction for you. If it doesn't go away in the next 24 hours or so, or if it gets worse, definitely talk to your doctor and make sure it's not something unrelated going on that just had really bad timing.

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So yesterday was my first Whole30 day following my reintroduction of legumes.  My stomach issues settled down as did my headache, I was able to control the “snacking urges” but I did have a surprise sinus issue on my right sinus.  I cleared that up with an allergy pill.  The bad result was an elevated fasting blood sugar reading of 7.2...the highest I’ve been since after my first week of Whole30!  I’m not certain if this was the result of the legumes or the potato chip snack debacle.

i also sound that I wasn’t very hungry all day yesterday.

Today, I’ll be going to a funeral and then helping at the reception, I’ve found that being on Whole30 makes me aware of mindless eating so I’ll be okay with all of the sandwiches and dainties.  I’ll take some hard boiled eggs to have on a plate with veggies and some fruit at the lunch reception.

I plan on eating very simply today to keep my system clean for tomorrow and another reintroduction.

Are there any recommendations on what to eat between reintroduction days?  Or perhaps more important what to avoid?

I made a Thai chicken curry to eat with rice tomorrow during my no gluten grains introduction and I’m making chili today that I will add some corn to tomorrow...so rice & corn & “undecided” will be introduced tomorrow.  




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