Vegetarian Protein Deficiency

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Hello,  Have been on Whole30 program since March 6th (had to restart when i realized I accidently had been eating something with sugar).  I'm a vegetarian who will not eat any animals or fish.  Eggs have been my main source of protein but I'm only getting 10% of what I need per medical guidelines.  I've googled and found conflicting advice whether tofu or yogurt is allowed.  Can someone pls. definitively confirm and/or give me alternatives?  I don't want to go off the program.  I've been doing really well and have never had a problem with cravings or temptations to eat non-compliant foods but have found myself getting more and more fatigued...  Thanks!

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What we generally tell vegetarians is that if you can complete the Whole30 eating just eggs, not incorporating yogurt or tofu or other items that would normally be off-plan, we believe you'll get the best results, and then be able to do reintroductions to see how legumes or dairy affect you. Remember that a serving of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand -- for me that's 3-4 and I'm a 5'4" female with average sized hands. (Here's some previous discussion: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/20964-what-a-serving-of-eggs-looks-like/

If you cannot get enough protein from eggs, you can decide to add other sources if you need to. Still follow the rest of the rules -- you still can't have sweetened yogurt, you still want everything else to be compliant. 

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