4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

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Bought more sweet potato, but fixed zucchini, yellow squash and Bell pepper in olive oil and balsamic vinegar...21 seasonings salute for flavor, alongside a chicken breast. Was good. I'm satisfied.

Tomorrow, 20, starts the countdown. But I will not be blasting off (half a pizza)...I will launch into my new life of eating. It will be official.

Exciting times now, and ahead! Goodnight Compliant Crew!

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5 hours ago, suzannes said:

Happy Saturday  @Hope4Overcomers and all our fellow April Whole30 folks! 

Thoughts on another round of Whole30, since I'm heading in to the "final" 4th week here: 

Surprising myself... I am already planning to do another round of Whole30 in May, focusing on getting completely off of caffeine, going to 100% decaf coffee ('cause I like coffee) and herbal tea. I have cut back from my past coffee consumption (fighting chronic depression and long-time insomnia -- yeah, I know it's a vicious self-defeating cycle: coffee --> sleeplessness --> coffee... repeat). I chose not to cut out caffeine on this 1st Whole30 so wouldn't have to fight sugar AND caffeine withdrawal, a steep effort.

Also, my fire-breathing sugar dragon is still roaring and has certainly not been slain. Whole30 has helped tremendously, and as promised has helped me reset my eating and how I think about food and health. I have truly surprised myself that I've avoided sugar for 21 days already, I never thought I could do that! But the sugar-junk carb cravings are still there. I have successfully resisted during Whole30, but I want to be able to do more than just resist , I want to stop thinking about sugar-junk carbs all the time: I want food freedom. I think I should not consume any added sugar-junk-sweets for a long long time if ever, because they are so addictive and nearly impossible to control, at least for me. I want to make sure that sugary foods and junk carbs are extremely rare in my diet moving forward. So I think that another round or more of Whole30 will be helpful. 

Interested in y'all's thoughts on reintro and/or continuing Whole30 after April. 

I’m with ya again @suzannes! My Fire Breathing Sugar Dragon is still alive and roaming about. I too have resisted but the cravings and thoughts are not gone. I do feel sooo much better without it. My Dianne’s version of Whole30 before I fully jump in again may very well not contain sugar. And as we’ve learned, sugar is in just about all pre-made or processed foods. So it’s a tricky one. A girl can’t be too careful!

I’m sorry to say I turned to caffeinated tea to help me avoid the sugar. Not a smart swap. Now I too have that to conquer next time around.

Can’t wait to hear what the rest of this crazy go do it April Group has to say!

Whole30 has been very, very, good to me! :D

Be encouraged y’all! xo Dianne


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Caffeine & powerful, so hard to resist! I. Must. Overcome.

Speaking of overcoming (ha ha see what I did there?) @Hope4Overcomers it sounds like you have a great attitude and a good plan moving forward post-Whole30. I agree completely that special treats should be happily enjoyed, if you want to and choose to, when your loved ones visit and at the wedding celebration. You will have all the Whole30 skills and experiences to guide your choices during and after the treats holiday. 

Doing another round of Whole30 versus keeping pretty darn close to Whole30 in the weeks and months to come, especially forgoing all sugar and junk triggering carbs and caffeine is a good option to consider too. This would be "riding my own bike" into the future pretty much on the Whole30 path forever, but not as strict. 

Happy Sunday and 3rd week everyone! 

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