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My First Whole30


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Hi All,

My name is Mike, i'm 47. I have been slowly moving towards becoming much healthier for a long time. Eliminated soda and most sugars/candies years ago. Mostly all home-made foods for a long time as well, but lot's of carbs, cakes, cookies, all home made of course :-).

After seeing some friends go through some pretty bad health issues last year I was determined to make a big difference in how I live my life with regards to general health. Joined a personal fitness studio last May and dropped my weight from 180 to 160 and my body fat percentage from 22% to 17%. I started participating in 5k runs as well. Physically i'm doing a good job, not it's time to up the food game. So let's see how the Whole30 affects me in a positive way.

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