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Day 10, second W30


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Hi all,

I'm a new forum-er but not completely new to W30. I'm on Day 10 of my second W30. I'll cut to the chase...I know this is particularly common, but I'm looking for some relief here from some symptoms I'm having.

Non-W30, I eat pretty paleo-ish + wine on the weekends. We have four young kids, I mean, come on. :) 

But I am SO bloated and constipated on day 10. I've only had one decent (complete) BM since starting this W30. Even my three year old said, "Mommy, you have a big tummy", and I'm a ladies size 4! Also had lots of dull headaches, body aches, feeling arthritis in my hands and sometimes knees.  I took an epsom salt hot bath last night after a good run yesterday and today seems even worse, maybe more detox from the bath?

I'm staying completely on plan, drinking lots of water (some of it sparkling), and coffee in the am. I do eat more Rx bars than I'd like to admit but as of today I'll do my best to cut those too. My job is on call and sometimes I do need to swing into somewhere quickly and pick up a Rx bar. (I help women have babies for a living- crazy schedule.)

We eat eggs in ghee and sauerkraut for breakfast, a W30 slow cooker chicken meal for lunch, and a Territory Whole 30 meal we order for dinner. I have kombucha sometimes too. 

Anyways, any thoughts? I'm also taking a probiotic and went to take a digestive enzyme today but realized it had Xylitol in it so I'll have to go get a new brand...

Am I allowed to do an enema? Not sure that would even work...

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Hi arrow birth, I'm so glad I came across your post. I'm afraid I don't have any words of wisdom but I'm really struggling with the same stuff. I'm on day 16 and getting lots of headaches, deep body aches, tiredness and feeling generally feeling a bit crappy! I am taking quite a few new supplements whist I'm on this but I have a feeling it could be cause of some of my bloating. Ahh it's a real shame because I want to be feeling great! I'm using the Dr Mercola probiotic incase you are wondering about a good one. It's meant to be amazing and was recommended by my natropath. Anyway sorry I couldn't shed some light on your situation but just wanted to say I know the feeling. I'm sure you can do enemas on this. My friend did a colonic on day one and will be having one at the end of it all. 

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