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Kat roars into spring raaawrrr


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Hey folks,

I thought to have a go at creating a log. It's easier here than anywhere else. I'm using instagram as a kind of public accountability log, but this is easier for longer pieces of text. I'm starting on today's first day of spring, which for me, since I still stay connected to the natural seasons due to my personal beliefs, is a special day. A good day to let the light into my life, after half a year of illnesses, fear and setbacks. I'm still on sickleave so to speak (I own my own lawfirm so it's easy for me to to minimal work in the office while still making myself useful in other ways, although it comes at a significant financial price, but hey, I only have one body). That gives me a lot of time to invest in myself to get to a better standard of living.

- - - -

So, yesterday was day 0. I do count that day since i tried some mealideas and precooking. I also tried to get some idea of portionsize, satiation, and the, frankly, scary idea of adding fat on top of my meal. After years of weightlossdieting (succesful, I might add, I lost about 45 kilo, but still need to lose another 30 or so), adding extra fat is very counterintuitive. I also prepped some things for the coming days.

So far I've prepped mojo de ajo, which is a novelty for me and I love it. I also made some eggy muffins with loads of veggies, something I've done before. Today I'll precook some more things for the coming days, like meatballs in the slowcooker, roast chicken and rootveggies. Other than that, I made some carrotsalad, washed some homegrown sprouts and prepared soms leafy greens. I do love to cook, so it's not a punishment to me to be in the kitchen. But the dishes.... ooo the dishes, they do pile up.

First insight: I'm a grazer in the afternoon, yet I fear overeating at mealtime. That will be my main focuspoint for the coming days. Eat when it's mealtime, don't graze mindlessly.

Brekkie today will be some leftover chickenbreast from yesterday with left over parsnip/carrot out of the oven, prolly with another eggmuffin, some greens and a bit of fruit.

Raises cup of tea: here goes nothing, raaaawwwwrrrrrr

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I survived day one...

I think I ate a bit much, but since I worry about feeling hungry and then not controling myself I'll just eat a little less each day to find out where my tippingpoint lies.
My menu yesterday at 800 hours
brekkie was a single chickenbreast ovenroasted with parsnip and carrots (leftover dinner from day 0) Also I ate two small eggy muffins (leeks, bellpeppers, sprinkle of compliant dried ham and less than one egg per muffin, and I ate the fruity bowl my hubbie lovingly makes for us each day. It's fresh fruit chopped and mixed, amounting to about the recommended 2-3 a day

I was very satiated until noon. Yet I felt some "unrest/boredom" cravings rear their ugly head. That is why I eat certainly enough so I can learn to differentiate between hungry and just feeling like eating something for whatever reason. At noon I first took a walk to the village centre polling station and then I ate lunch.

Salad, shredded carrots, homegrown alfalfasprouts, topped with a serving of coconut shavings and some blueberries. With that I ate about 200grams of grilled cod (with some coconut aminos) and one more eggy muffin. That had me stuffed again...

The afternoon I had a huge headache, since I'm starting W30 on "that time of the month" I figured I'd get it all over with. I clocked out at the office and went to lie down in bed for two hours. Then I started to prep dinner and precook for today and tomorrow since those days will be more hectic. While cooking I popped a few macadamianuts in my mouth to tide me over.

Dinner was the breast of a whole roasted chicken (I forsee broth...), some more roasted rootveggies, beetroot, salad, carrots and alfalfa.

I slept like a log, if not for the cat throwing up under the bed at about 4.30 this morning.

I woke alright, no hangover feeling so far, but I feel a bit woozy, a bit different, almost slightly drunkish... So far today has been a breakfast of blueberries, avocado and boiled eggies, and tea, loads of herbal tea. Today I'll be staggering my mealtimes differently to allow me to attend a business networking thingy with buffetstyle dinner (100% noncomplaint).


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Starting day 10 and still going strong... I've been a bit MIA in the meantime because life... But the food has held up nicely. I've had very few withdrawalissues since I was very nicely paleofied for a few years already. I've got a backlog of nice mealphoto's to post on insta, but for now just a wave, a hug and running off to work....

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