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Storebought ghee smells sour - make my own?

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Hello all,

I'm about to start my first Whole30 and I didn't expect to find myself on this forum, but unfortunately I'm the kind of person who doubts everything and is always afraid to do things wrong... So here's my first question :P.

I've made my own ghee in the past but I wonder whether I can trust that to be completely lactose free, because I'm not exactly sure how long to bake and how much to scoop off. So I bought ghee for my Whole30 instead of making it. But... I've tried two brands so far, and both smell sour :(. Not digustingly sour, but still a little off. My homemade ghee smelled better. Also, the website of the Ghee Easy jar I just bought states "Not all Ghee is by definition lactose free. Poor quality mechanically produced Ghee is not always completely lactose free. Ghee Easy, made through extensive heating, is most of the time completely lactose free. However, we do not test every batch for presence of lactose, so a small trace of lactose can sometimes be present." So I'm wondering whether that is good enough! Is making my own the safest option, after all?



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