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nsquared kicking off first Whole30+ on 1/1/13


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Like so many of you, today's the day...the day I start my first Whole30 (and then some). I'm fairly certain that with my level of metabolic dysfunction, this is going to be longer than 30 days. I'll judge that when I get there. For now, it's one day at a time for at least 30.

In an introduction I wrote my reasons for doing this. To reiterate:

  1. Get insulin, CRP, fibrinogen, and cortisol levels to within normal, thereby reducing risk for all kinds of nasties. All of these measures are ugly high - and have been climbing - with the exception of cortisol which is very low and just can't seem to get up.
  2. Besides, the doctor said so.

I did the shopping and some other prep over the last week or so. This morning I took before pictures (yikes!), made some measurements (also yikes!), weighed myself (holy cats!), and stowed the scale away. Buh-bye, scale.

Today I made olive oil mayo, ranch dressing, bbq sauce, poached chicken, and beef bone broth. I also have a beef round roast in the slow cooker for tonight's meal.

(Note to self: the next time I spend so much time in the kitchen, wear supportive shoes.)

A few disappointing early discoveries: the bulk italian and chorizo sausages I purchased at Whole Foods are made with canola oil. I swear I read the ingredients at the store in the case and didn't see that. Of course, I was focused on looking for sugar, so maybe I just overlooked it. Ah well, my husband who doesn't want to do WholeAnything, says he won't let that meat go to waste. And the pork breakfast sausage I had from my local farmer and planned to eat for breakfast...sugar. Darn it. Mr. NSquared was more than happy to help me there too. I'm glad I'm reading labels.

Not to worry, though. I had just received some ground turkey from another local farmer in my beloved Green B.E.A.N. Delivery bin. I just whipped up my own breakfast sausage from a recipe I've had for some time now. It was dee-lish.

I've been buying local, pastured beef and pork in bulk and keeping them in a separate freezer for a some time now. Ladies and gentlemen, if you can pony up the cash in one big swoop and have the freezer space, this is the way to go. A quarter of a beef and a half a hog can keep you in business for a while. And even if that's too much for you to handle, buying 20 pounds or more of ground meat can earn you a nice discount and the pleasure of knowing you've met the farmer who lovingly and conscientiously raised and chose the processing of the meat you are eating.

Okay. That's it. Halfway through day one and I'm feeling mighty groovy about where I am. My best to all of you!

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Day 2

Yestereday worked just fine. The roast I'd put in the slow cooker for dinner didn't get done so I went to one of my premade concoctions - a sort of stew/chili thing with bacon (sugar/nitrate free), beef, diced tomatoes, onions, sweet potato, cilantro, cumin, salt, pepper. The rest of the family ate leftover chili with beans. I did find myself mentally thinking for some sort of sweet wrap up. So I quickly cleaned up and headed far away from the food to read.

Food so far today...

  1. A scramble of eggs, red bell pepper, spinach, ground turkey, herbs/spices, ghee.
  2. A salad made with a multitude of vegetables, hardcooked egg, roasted turkey, olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

Throughout the day I've been sipping Morroccan mint (green) tea, iced.

I forgot yesterday to note symptoms as part of the starting point. I would normally have been mostly dairy, gluten and sugar free but spent about 5 weeks having an all-out food party. As of yesterday - and still today - my joints are all stiff with some being sore. My head is filled with gunk. Sleep is meh. My leg swelling is about a 4 or 5 on a 10 points scale. Also, better today after a particular nasty week of it – bloat. It's better but needs a little more time to go away. It's interesting to me, though, how quickly it dissipates after not have one of my 3 known no-nos.

Also worth noting...we've had unexpected large-ish things happen that are adding to stress and screwing up plans. I know I need to be extra vigilent and review my contingency plans often.

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Day 3

The food side of things went pretty darned well. I was sort of a one hit wonder with the protein - all ground turkey. But I had quite the variety of vegetables - sweet potato, onion, spinach, cilantro, kohlrabi, romaine, radishes. I also made the avocado dressing today. Yum!

It was good to read other posts today. With a headache and having run to the bathroom 4 times overnight, it was comforting to see I was in good company with other people who started on the 1st. I'm thinking tomorrow might call for a nap. I could have had one today but kept pretty busy dealing with the post-holiday email avalanche.

I'm looking forward to having more energy so I feel more like moving. Maybe along with that nap I'll get a session of yoga in. And maybe a walk.

I'm off to meditate. Good night all!

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Day 4, part 1

The headache is almost gone. I'm really quite stiff in my lower back and hips. Maybe it's that I didn't move around a lot yesterday (headache). Or maybe it's some sort of detoxing effect. Or both. I'll step onto the yoga mat later and see if I can work some of it out. Maybe a little stroll will help too.

I slept for about 9 hours last night. I only had to get up twice (only?) to go to the bathroom. I had a calf cramp a few hours before getting up. I haven't had one of those in eons. And I did have some vivid dreams, though not of food. Still, I think those 9 hours were more restful than the previous few nights. I'm looking forward to getting back to solid sleep. I do like my sleep.

Today my son (a month shy of 15) said that he'd like to try doing Whole30 with me. He's on Day 4 of TheFlu and, when he has the appetite, he's been eating what I eat. I think he had an almond flour cookie yesterday too, so he's not all in by accident or on purpose. Still he's eating pretty darned well and I have to wonder how this better way of eating might be helping him.

Also today reconstruction has started in my home from a water accident a week ago. A second floor toilet overflowed overnight, sending a gentle waterfall inside the walls and floors to the 2nd and 1st floors and the basement. I'm self-employed and working from home will be interesting while the construction goes on. I'm not sure I'll get the nap I'd hoped to get today. If nothing else, I can veg, even if I don't fall asleep.

My first meal of the day was a hash of crumbled home-seasoned pork sausage, apple, and sweet potato in coconut oil topped by over-medium eggs. My son loved it. I loved it.

And, as always, I'm sipping iced Morroccan mint tea.

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Day 4, part II

I had a 3rd meal this afternoon, the leftover apple/sweet potato/sausage from breakfast. I was feeling truly hungry.

That means there was a 4th meal. I made taco seasoned beef with onions and green peppers and tossed it with grated, steamed cauliflower and a little BBQ sauce. Very tasty.

The big disappointment of the day was receiving Teavana order of my favorite tea of theirs and realizing that it has sugar in it. Argh! It was a really good sale price - 75% off - and so I got a bunch. I had no idea until today that Ayurvedic White Chai has sugar. It's in the form of candied pineapple and sweetened coconut. Return it?

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I had been thinking the same thing, Derval...that maybe I could have it later (though I really think I'm super sugar sensitive as does my doctor) and I could use it as gifts. It's a very yummy tea.

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Day 5

Well Fed is here! Well Fed is here!

Oh yeah, I'm as excited as Navin R. Johnson when the new phone book arrived. Does this make me somebody now?

On reflection, the timing of my Whole30 start was a good one. While it has been crazy around here on a number of fronts, I've had the liberty of sleeping in, staying home, cooking whenever I need, and shopping when I want. Since the kids are still on vacation there hasn't been activity chauffeuring and I don't have any major deadlines. This morning I remembered that I timed my Whole30 to be past the 4 (5?) week food frenzy affectionately known as the holidays and just before my birthday in early February.

I may be just a wee bit please with myself for that decision.

Taking advantage of the relative freedom, I slept in today. The headache is gone. I'm less stiff, though still a bit. I'm not cranky (you're welcome, children). And I feel a bit more focused in general.

Meal 1: pork sausage and chopped spinach sauteed together, eggs over easy

Meal 2: chicken salad - poached chicken, olive/avocado mayo, almonds, raisins, celery; plain green olives

Meal 3: egg salad - hard cooked eggs, olive/avocado mayo and the bit of avocado dressing we had left after my son decided it's freaking amazing, dill; raw baby carrots [afternoon hungries...like feeling a little dizzy hungry; body hungry, not mouth hungry]

Meal 4 (planned): thai basil chicken and green beans over riced cauliflower

The kids helped me pick out the 4th meal. When I offer them the option of real grain rice they said, "no" and "let's go Whole30." Yay!

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Day 6

It was a burst of energy kind of day. I'd slept in late after a very late night. Upon waking I was all "let's get on it." I set about cooking, including food to take to another family going through a tough time. I dug into the task I really didn't want to do - taking down the tree and all the decorations. I had plenty of energy for the task, including carrying the boxes to the basement. I made several trips up and down. While I got a little warm and winded, I was able to move right on to other tasks. I just don't usually have that much energy.

Meals today

1: Taco beef with scrambled eggs, baby carrots

2: Taco beef, leftover riced cauliflower, bbq sauce; green olives

3: Pork chop, pureed turnips

Turning off the screens in a few moments. Going to meditate then read then try to go to sleep earlier. Hoping I can.

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I hate taking down the decs too, but I love how much tidier the place looks without them!

I'm completely ready to be back to the clean, uncluttered day-to-day look. The festive look is okay for a few weeks. Once we get past the festivities, though, it becomes clutter. And I feel that a cluttered environment contributes to a cluttered mind which is certainly not supportive of a solid Whole30. Right?

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Day 7

Brought to you by Whole30 Jet Fuel.

Even though I slept restlessly and dreamt of accidentally eating gnocchi and pasta (I haven't eaten either in years), I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I had a serious prospect meeting today and therefore had to dress like a grown-up for the first time in a few weeks. I went from that meeting to several errands and took some calls, in the meantime preparing a meal for another family. Only in the last 30 minutes have I sputtered. I think I didn't eat enough, or at least enough of the right stuff today. I was eating leftovers and grabbing them as I could given the go-go-go day. I'll be having a bowl of chili shortly. Hopefully that will stoke the fires for the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow I have a challenge: a business luncheon. The kind with a speaker and rubber chicken - pork in this case. I've previewed the menu that includes a double-layer chocolate cake. At first I thought I'd go late to miss the meal and catch only the speaker. But I would like to talk to some other people due to sit at my table. 2013 is also a business building year and I need to take opportunities when I can. So I'm planning to fill the belly with Whole30 Goodness before the event. Surely they can bring me a plan vegetable salad to play with while everyone else eats.

Today's rundown:

Meal 1: scrambled - eggs and leftover beef, green peppers, onions, sweet potato

Meal 2: chicken salad and baby carrots

Meal 3: burger patty, lettuce, tomato, mustard

Meal 4: chili, leftover pureed turnips

Here's looking forward to Day 8!

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Hope the meeting goes well for you..

Thank you, Derval! It went very well. I got feedback this morning that corroborates my my feeling on that too. Yay! Now to create a great proposal and win this business...

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Day 8

This has been one long day. I still have a few things to finish up. And then, dang, I am ready for big zzzzs.


  • Email saying my meeting yesterday went as well as I thought it did
  • Not eating at the business luncheon and being okay with that
  • Discovering The Meat Store :D


  1. chorizo, cauliflower, avocado, egg
  2. a few nibbles of chorizo out of a dish that had a spoiled ingredient (that I realized far too late was spoiled and it turned out I wasn't really hungry anyway)
  3. two apparently "clean" hot dogs, 2 roasted beets (these were emergency back-up foods)
  4. roast beef, cabbage, 6 macadamia nuts

I need to get some vegetables prepped and get a plan. I've gone into week 2 without one.

After cooking both cauliflower and cabbage, and workers priming drywall with some noxious paint, my house smells like, well, poop.

And at 10:20pm I've got the growlies and am feeling a wee bit light headed.

Oh...also (so random tonight, aren't I?) I had my first allergy shots during Whole30 (immunotherapy - I get 3 shots). I wondered if Whole30 and the shots would effect one another. They can make me a little sleepy or fatigued. I haven't felt that. I did feel a slight reaction overall and I have a pretty decent sized wheal at one of the injection sites.


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2 consecutive nights of 7 hours of sleep and I can tell you that 7 hours isn't close to enough sleep for me. On the positive side, I didn't get up to head to the bathroom in those 7 hours last night.

I have a touch of a headache. Possible culprits: lack of sleep, less than stellar eating yesterday (compliant but not ideal), yesterday's allergy shots. Whatever it is, today is a new day and I can stand up for my sleeping rights. Power to the people!

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2 consecutive nights of 7 hours of sleep and I can tell you that 7 hours isn't close to enough sleep for me. On the positive side, I didn't get up to head to the bathroom in those 7 hours last night.

Me too! Not happy about the 7 hours, but ecstatic that I am not making two and three trips to the bathroom! The seven hours is my fault. I'm waiting too late to do my daily journalling. I told myself in bed by 10 every night, but I've been pushing it later and later. Must stay on track!!

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Day 9

I'm a little behind on posting this update. I was so stinking sleepy yesterday (day 9). I couldn't muster the brain power to write about the day.

I wrote elsewhere about my challenges yesterday. Here's a recap:

  • On the go all day. Knowing I was, I packed a simple salad dressing, macadamia nuts, and olives to keep in the car.
  • Business breakfast at a restaurant. Got good food, but not enough.
  • Business lunch at a restaurant. The other person, who knows that I have been gluten-free for some time but not about Whole30, picked a restaurant thinking it would work for me. And, in fact, the restaurant staff were very sensitive to my needs, though a little light on the portion sizes. Being very tired and therefore susceptible to giving in to temptation, after eating there, I went to a local hospital "restaurant" for a no-bun, no-cheese burger. I had talked to them about their food in preparation (I go to the hospital frequently). While conventional beef, I know the burgers are grilled with no oil. It's a fallback.

My most happy moment of the day... when I got home mid-afternoon I couldn't imagine cooking later. I would be sleep-cooking. So I dropped a whole chicken in a stoneware baker with a little ghee, salt, and pepper and popped that in the over on 350. Two hours later I had the most beautiful and tasty chicken I've ever had. I probably ate half of the darned chicken. As soon as dinner was over (which was probably five and a half minutes as hungry as I was), I threw all of the bones into a stock pot with the ghee-laced liquid gold from cooking the chicken, a whole quartered onion, 2 fat carrots, and 2 ginormous stalks of celery. That cooked until I was ready for bed when I strained it and stowed it away. Call it bone broth or stock or, my favorite, chicken tea. Why chicken tea? It grosses out my kids. Mwahahaha! (They still eat/drink it.)

Day 9 I ate:

  • 2 poached eggs, 2 chicken sausage patties, cup of strawberries and blueberries
  • chopped vegetable salad including beets with shredded chicken and olive oil drizzle
  • macadamia nuts - about 8
  • burger patty with a huge romaine lettuce leaf, mustard, salt and pepper
  • roasted chicken, daikon and cucumber salad

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Well, darn it. The last few days have been so busy that I've had precious little time to put together my log. I missed logging Day 10 and Day 11. And given that I'm on a bit of a run today and tomorrow, I'm going to sacrifice doing those logs for my sanity. Suffice it to say that I made it through both very busy days, on the run, without a slip up, with plenty of energy, and a firm commitment to do this for myself. I even packed my own meals for a 5.5 hour meeting that started with carried in breakfast and lunch. No one even batted an eye.

If my day runs as planned, I'll be back this evening with a report of Day 12.

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So Day 12 (yesterday) wasn't exactly what I expected. I had/have a stomach bug. So after a first meal of 3 eggs, a few crumbles of sausage, and apple sauce, I was done eating for the day. My temperature hovered around 99.3 all day. I tried to sip broth and probably managed about half a cup for the rest of the day. I stayed in bed all day too, falling asleep finally at 10pm. I just woke from sleeping a marathon 12 hours. My temperature is back down to normal. Next task: try being upright and eating something.

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