Constipation issues and probiotics, TMI warning

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Okay I have a confession to make. I loved doing my first round of Whole30 back in November. However, I had serious issues with my bowels that I think are starting to happen again. (Constipation, and hemorrhoids for the first time in my life)

So before my first Whole30, I had regular, sturdy bowel movements.

However, within a week or two of my first Whole30 they turned into pebbles and seriously have not changed back SINCE. I mean even after a month of eating grains, breads, beans, etc., my poops have not been the same! They remain to be pebble like. Sometimes they were more normal and solid one-poo-at-a-time but that was like 20% of the time.

Now on this 3rd round of Whole30, I am on Day 6 and  I have had bowel movements that are only HARD pebble-like (a month ago they were pebble like but easy to pass) and I am worried it will lead to hemorrhoids again which I obviously do not want!

I have been drinking around 70oz of water daily.  My weight is around 155lbs.

My log is here to see


I have read that probiotics can help with constipation, and I was wondering if they have worked for others? Or should I try changing some things in my diet first?

Also, I am worried about laxatives and your body relying on something like that for normal bowel movements, are probiotics safer for you in the long

Any insight would be wonderful!

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HI there,

The first thing you can do is ixnay on the bananabay. ;) Bananas are what people who have loose stools eat so they might be hindering your poops.  Sweet potatoes can also do the same which is firm up stools and right now you don't need firming.

You could also try leaving off the raw vegetables and go for just cooked for a while. Up your water intake if you can. The other thing to watch is your poop signals. Try and go as soon as you feel the urge. What happens when we hold it is that the contractions in the intestines squeeze water out of the stool and the longer you wait (when you are already having issues), the harder the stool becomes.

You can take a laxative to get things going, for sure. Probiotics might work. Magnesium is another helpful supplement that has the benefit of helping w/ poo because it draws water into the intestine. The unflavoured Natural Calm is compliant. Start slow and work your way up until you have a comfortable BM.

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Just now, samalope said:

I wanted to say since I simply stopped eating bananas and upping my water intake the constipation has gone away. Wonderful!

YES!  Thanks for coming back and sharing, that's great news!

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