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Marigold Bouillon cubes (UK)


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I'm pretty new at this....I start tomorrow. I've cleared the cupboards of the non compliant stuff, I want to give this my absolute best shot.

I do make bone broth (which I think we in the UK call stock I guess) as a base for soups, stews etc. However, for when I haven't got time to make one (I know, I know, make time, but sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day, and I want to ensure that if I get back from a busy day I have some "go-to" stuff around that I can prepare quickly) I have found these Marigold cubes. I used to use Marigold powdered bouillon, until I realised it was basically made from soy and maize, urrrk. But now they do these cubes which don't have the "hydrolised vegetable protein" junk or potato starch, and I'm wondering if they're compliant?

Ingredients are: Sea salt, palm oil*,vegetables 13.5% (onion*, carrot*, parsley*), maltodextrin*, spices (mace*, lovage*, turmeric* , bayleaf*, pepper*). *Organically grown ingredients.

I'm guessing maybe the maltodextrin makes it non-compliant :-/ but I thought I'd check!

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