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Whole30 adjustments for high cholesterol?

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I have completed 5 rounds of Whole30 over the past 3 years, the most recent one completed end of January.  I'm feeling great and have accrued a lot of NSVs and a bit of weight loss, which is a good thing too!  I have been eating mostly a Whole30 approach since ending the round.  I had some blood tests run last week and was somewhat bummed to learn that my total cholesterol is still elevated - it's come down from where it was a year ago, which is great but it is over 200.  My HDL cholesterol and triglycerides are totally in the normal range but the LDL cholesterol is elevated.  

If I do another Whole30 round, are there foods I can focus on or foods to further avoid that can support my efforts to lower my cholesterol without having to go on medication?

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