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11th Hour switch to the Whole30!


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Really excited...beyond excited and to full-blown GIDDY to start my first Whole30 on January 7th! I was going to do a juice fast on the first and saw a post on the W30 on FB and started doing some research. In 48 hours, I was a Whole30 convert! Wonderfully, a friend let me know she was starting one on the 7th so we became accountability partners. BONUS!

I signed up for the daily emails, did ALL of my homework and today, we started cleaning out the cabs.

My 6 year old daughter stood in front of all this for a long time just staring at it! She is FULLY on board as we have been trying to have better nutrition for awhile now. I think the key might have been in the cabinets. It had to go. But indeed, she was in AWE.

"Is this all sugar? she asked. "Yes." I said. And after a long pause she says...."We need to keep the Nutella." Too cute! (and yes, the Nutella is leaving home, too.) We're all in!!!

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