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What's worse...? Day 22

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2 hours ago, lwolford said:

What's worse- eating a Larabar everyday, or quitting the program?

Also, I absolutely cannot even fathom eating another vegetable.

This is starting to feel very, very difficult- HELP!

Why is it only between eating a larabar or quitting?  What's the context there?  If you have a raging sugar dragon and it's all you can do to not chew through the candy store so you're giving yourself a larabar, you're actually making life MORE difficult for yourself in the long run.  The only way to kill a sugar craving/sugar dragon is to starve it out and that means not giving it bars, fruit and dried fruit to shut it up... 

As far as being sick of veggies, try going to the store and finding new veggies to try.  We sometimes get stuck in a rut with our meal planning (I know I do) but trying something different is often helpful.  How about egg plant? Roasted bokchoy?  Roasted mushrooms are my new favorite thing!  Try the standard roasting at high heat but go to www.meljoulwan.com and see if you can find a spice recipe that you think would be good.  Penzey's if it's available in your area has great spice blends - my personal faves are Sunny Paris and Murale of Flavor - both salt free and both Whole30 compliant.

How about tryinig to make something like a flavored ghee that you can use for on top of the veggies to give them a new flavor.  BAsically you take any ghee recipe and put spices in with the butter and it infuses... you can find one called Better Butter by Mel Joulwan that I believe someone posted as an advertisement for the cookbook it's in - just google it, I think it's around the fourth search result down.

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