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Day 35 - Reintroduction - bell pepper bloating or NG grains?

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Hey there, I tried to find an answer on the forum but couldn’t find any. 

This is my first whole30!!! 

I reintroduced NG grains yesterday, some GF oatmeal for breakfast, sushi at lunch (no soy, just some rice and sashimi), popcorn, and salad for dinner. 

Everything  was OK.

today I had apple cinnamon paleo breakfast bowl, and for lunch egg omelette with bell peppers, and after that I’ve been feeling very bloated and gassy :/ 

could it be the bell peppers? (I had 2) and the symptoms were almost immediate. My stomach keeps growing. Is it the NG grains or the bell pepper? I did have a bigger portion of peppers than normal.



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Sorry, no one here would have the answer to that, you'll have to experiment. Do NG grains over and on your two in-between Whole30 days, avoid bell peppers. See how it goes. Then if nothing happened, do a day of bell peppers and see what happens. You'll have to sort of wiggle your way through, we won't be able to tell you specifically which one caused your bloating and gas.

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