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What about studies that link High Protein to Cancer Growth

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My husband and I just finished our first W30 and are in reintroduction.  Our motivation for the W30 is bc I have one autoimmune disease, and only want to keep it at ONE, and my husband has allergies we are trying to alleviate.  We both lost about ~15#, and feel great.

However!  We are from the "Diet for a Small Planet/Moosewood/Laurel's Kitchen" generation, and do believe eating low on the food chain is better for the planet and ourselves.  

How do you reconcile cancer research data (from "the China Study," for example, that shows cancer grows with increased protein intake, and shrinks when protein is minimized) with the animal protein intake of W30, and the eschewing of plant proteins?  

Really hoping to hear from folks who have pondered this and have opinions or insight or knowledge to share!  THanks!

(just realized this shouldn't be in this sub-forum...is there a way to move it?)


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There are proponents and studies for every way of eating. You can find studies to back up raw, vegan (raw-vegan), paleo, keto, IF, SAD, high carb, low carb. The book "It Starts With Food" will have all of the studies and references notated in the back that were the basis of the creation of this program. That's your best start.

There's also this Whole30 forum thread that talks about this issue: 


You can also google "Whole30 vs china study" and there are lots of articles that come up.

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