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Repeated illness on whole30

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Hello all - Looking for some advice, kind words, encouragement, whatever you've got.

I completed my first (and best) round of whole30 in July. Attempted my second round this past January but had to end it a few days short of 30 days. I had a cold, which turned into an upper respiratory infection, which then turned into pneumonia. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and I was pretty devestated- feeling like a failure. I had to take them..2 1/2 weeks with pneumonia and I was getting worse. 

I started my 3rd round on March 19th - and this past Sunday I came down with the flu! I have NEVER been this sick, this long, this repeatedly in my LIFE. I want to continue on, but its hard. I want to feel the best I can, like I did on that first round..(tiger blood!) but its been a series of road bumps and obstacles. 

Does any one have any advice for me or have they experience anything like this? :(

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