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First ever Whole30!


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Hello all

I'm Ellie. I'm a Brit, working in the US over the summer.

I'm the tiniest weeniest bit overweight, but that's not really the problem. The problem is I am a sugar addict, who has a typical stress/sugar relationship. Otherwise, I actually eat pretty healthy. I actually LOVE low-carb living, and I never really bother with crisps (read 'potato chips'), pasta or rice anymore even when I'm off the wagon. But once I've got hold of cookies, sweeties or ice cream it's too hard to limit my intake.

I've successfully completed a 21-day sugar detox and felt amazing, but coming to America and getting lost many times, I keep finding myself in bakeries with donuts... So, I'm looking to step up my paleo life and go cold turkey on the toxic sweet stuff. I'll also miss my other, more holistic treats like greek yoghurt and red wine!

It will be difficult: I'm living on a budget in a place where meat and fresh produce is expensive and refined grains are cheap; my workplace has a gumball machine stocked with M&Ms; my commute is long and lined with lattes...

BUT there is also hope: I'm walking distance from a massive organic supermarket and a weekly farmer's market; I love black coffee and herbal teas; you guys offer unsweetened iced tea which I love; I can finally sample spaghetti squash (we don't have these in the UK)!

To help inspire me, I'm keeping a tumblr full of Instagram pics of yummy looking food. Follow if you like: http://instanomnoms.tumblr.com/

So, there you have it. 25th June is my end date. I'm off for a spinach frittata.

E x

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I am also on my first whole 30...day 5 today! I am a fairly healthy eater, but i am in the same boat with baked goods...once I start I have problems stopping! I generally stay away from them but still had wicked cravings for goat yogurt with gobs of honey or 85% dark chocolate bars...better choices some would say but still the compulsion and binge like behavior are what I want to get rid of! So far on day 5 I've had NO cravings and I feel fantastic! I swapped out my morning fruit pile for a sweet potato, spinach & eggs and eat 1 fruit with each meal, like throwing berries or a pear on salad...it's amazing how helpful this has been. I am truly grateful to Meliss and Dallas for the program ...I feel fantastic and hope it lasts!

Good luck to you!

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