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Start date set for 4/4!


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I'm excited to start my journey to better health! My daughter has done 2 whole 30's and swears by it - so now it's my turn. I'm 55 (daughter is 27) and I'm at least 50 lbs overweight (probably closer to 60+lbs over), trouble sleeping, no energy, sluggish, knee pain, etc. However, health-wise, blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate etc - are all good to excellent - for now. I feel it's only a matter of time before they suffer from my bad choices as well.

So - I'm going to take back my life!!!  My start date is 4/4/18.  Bought kindle versions of the 1st whole 30 book and a cook book , and the day by day flexibook (keeps me on track)....so I'm ramping up!

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