Vegetarian starting whole 30 4/1!! Any tips to avoid cravings

Amy Hoyte

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19 minutes ago, Amy Hoyte said:

Good Afternoon!  I have been a vegetarian, who eats fish, fir about 14 years.  I am starting Whole30 on 4/1.  Any tips to avoid cravings?  I’m a bit nervous I will not be satisfied and will want to graze!

Make your meals sufficient that they last you 4-5 hours between... make sure you're adding fat.  Don't use fruit and nuts to curb cravings - if you can't get rid of them by distracting yourself, eat something salty/briney like olives.  

If you eat fish and eggs then the recommendation would be to do the program as written with protein at every meal and not using vegetarian protein sources such as tofu or grains in order to get the best results.

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