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Who's with me? W45 - Day0; Prep Today (01-01-13) Day1 of 45 (02-01-13)


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Well hello all...some of you perhaps have read my post in the 'Join the Whole30' and then again perhaps not.

In any case to give you a quick bit of background; I posted yesterday that I was starting my journey today and that I wasn't going out or to any clubs on New Year's Eve because I wanted to be fresh today and not hungover. I wanted to do it from the get go.

Now whilst I stayed true to part of that, the not going out part. I was unable to make the appropriate preparations last night ready for today. Owing to me being at work and not finishing until five. The supermarket - as it was NYE - was closed at 17.00. So I was scuppered on buying my food ready for today. This had a knock on effect and I did not set my goals later that night, nor did I make any other preparations such as my before photos.

So to that end today became my Day 0 as the title suggests. Today I read my daily, and then I went to the supermarket to buy my bits and bobs for the real and true beginning of my W45 journey tomorrow.

Attached is a photo of the aforementioned prep work. I bought an array of organic meats and veg. I must say at this point that I normally go to an organic shop called 'The Better Food Company' here in Bristol for all my veg and to 'Sheepdrove Organic Farm' (butchers) for all my meat. On this occasion though, as it was New Year's Day those were not open and I went to a supermarket called Sainsbury's. Once my stocks are low I shall go back to the separate shops.

Needless to say, what with my not starting today I went all out and had blow out meals and chocolate etc. :-S Last time for some many months now though.

I shan't babble on....I don't want to bore you and loose you.

So all that are starting their journey tomorrow, join in arms with me and let's smash this out of the park! I want your support and I want to support you. We got this!


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