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Newbie with a good start!


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I'm starting kinda fresh, after about 3 weeks of slowly weaning my way off stuff. The gulten, so far, seems to be the best thing I could have done for myself and my knees. I didn't realize the inflammation going on in the joints. Last week I started weaning from sugar, and think it's one of the things that will be challenging. I think the sugar, grains and soy will be the challenge just because of how they sneak into stuff. That was an amazing lesson to learn. Read the labels! I'm happy to get my body back on track, and lose the weight for myself, and not for any other reason. It makes my commitment and my resolve solid and strong. I've already lost some weight just trying to prepare for the day. I've slated my day this coming Thursday. I have a wedding a few weeks down the road, but know that I can hold my own and that I'll have plenty of support...believe it or not. This will be a great 30 days. I'm ready and glad I found a forum. Forums helped me quit smoking. I know they can be great places to hang when the going gets tough. I hope to meet a few of you, and I'll lend my support where and when it is needed. I have my Day By Day and am getting prepared. Hopefully, talk to some of you soon!

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