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Day 31- First meals?!


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Hello all!

I'm on my last night of Day 30 and am really looking forward to eating breakfast tomorrow! I can't decide between oatmeal, lentil soup, or chili. 

I've decided I am not going to add dairy, soy, or alcohol back into my diet- I have no desire for them, and don't feel they would do me any good. What I AM looking forward to is brown rice, beans, and less meat!

What was your first meal on Day 31?? Would love to hear!


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11 hours ago, quitequaint said:

What did you decide on having? I'm starting re-intro of legumes tomorrow (sans soy) and am just going to add some peanut butter& apple to my usual breakfast. Then mainly have lentil soups the rest of the day.

I decided on oatmeal with maca, cacao nibs, and a tiny amount of honey, it was SOOO good!

What I didn't plan for was being at lunch with my girlfriends- I had some bread and dessert and OMG I was on an energetic rollercoaster for the entire day. I was up and speedy, then down and irritable. This morning, I couldn't get out of bed, had a splitting headache! Horrible horrible side effects of flour and sugar. 

Today's plan is to go back to W30 100000%, and already I'm feeling better. I never noticed how good I felt until I felt badly eating even the smallest amounts of sugar and flour.

Did you do the reintro based on the W30 guide, or did you do your own thing?

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Mmmm that sounds so delicious! I'm definitely holding back and being very careful about sugar/dessert because my sugar dragon was savage and it's finally quieted down. I had to restart my whole30 but in between attempts, I somewhat splurged on dessert, coffee, and croissants. Like you said, I definitely didn't realize how good I was feeling until I felt BAD. Haha. It's funny how that works.

I'm mostly following the W30 reintro guide: starting with legumes, then soy separately, GF grains, dairy (maybe splitting this up as well), and grains (which I already know I have a problem with but I'm still curious).

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