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a log from Seattle


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I just started my W30 today. I have been on an off paleo eating for over a year now but never this strict. I got pretty sick over Christmas between trveling and eating with my family. In turn I decided its time for me to get strict so I can finally find out what is/was making me so sick to my gut. I am an Accountant in Seattle, moved here last summer and am slowly learning my way around the food scene here. I am very nervous about doing the whole 30. I did discuss it with my fiance so he knows what is going on. He actually cooked me a seprate breakfast for me this morning, which was wicked swwet. I normally cook so as long as I ignore the upper shelves where we moved all the food I can't eat I will be fine.

I workout 3 times a week with kettlebells and commute by bike. I have been gaining muscle but my diet has been my downfall. I counted calories for a bit but I wouldlast 3 weeks then just no. I just literally couldn't resist food. It is time to face these food issues I have, but I am nervous as heck. I am getting the daily emails, which will hopefully help. Cheers to a healthier me.

Day 1

Meal 1: Egg scramble with chicken and broccoli

#2: Chicken with spagetti squash and homemade tomato sauce

#3: Making a homemade tomato soup creamy style. {Totally freezing the leftovers for emergency lunches}

Today I did some prep work for the rest of the week. Crockpot dinner for tomorrow, paleo mayo for a starter for salad dressings, ect.

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So far today is going well. I am craving chocolate wicked bad but am resisting. Or something crunchy. I have been ancy all day so who knows. Tomorrow once I am at work I think I should be fine, since I will be distracted. My SO had to work so he isn't home right now, like I hoped. Totally have the munchies but I am not hungry.

I need to focus on the fact that today went well, and tomorrows meals are all planned out. I just need to relax.

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Day 2: Woke up Starving.

#1: 3 eggs scrambled with an avacado

#2: Leftover chicken with spagetii squash

#2.5: Apple Pie Larabar

#3: Crockpot roast with carrots, tomatoes celery and brussel sprouts.

I rode to work today on my bike. I forgot how much I love riding to work over my vacation. It was cold but awesome. After eating breakfast I didn't feel so good but that went away by the time I got to work. I was hungry around 11:30 so I had lunch. Around noon I started getting a headache and by 4 I was starving. I had a larabar, which was stashed in my desk. At five I have a kettlebell workout and dinner around 7. Overall a great day ignoring the headache which is slowly leaving now.

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Day 3: Nightmare filled Sleep

No sleep at all. My SO said he heard my whimper in my sleep before he came to bed. I had nightmares about fake cereal and chocolate marshmellows that were the size of my head. It was bad. Even though I didn't get much sleep I still got up ontime and wasn't to out of it.

#1: 3 eggs swirled in chicken broth -> Was not hungry this morning, like at all

#2: Leftover roast, carrots, celery, tomatoes and brussel sprouts

#3: Cobb salad with avocado dressing -> so freaking good

I didn't snack this afternoon which was good, since I wasn't hungry. I went to the kettlebell class, tried keeping it a little light. I was a little sore from yesterdays workout since I had just over a week off. I made lunch for tomorrow, which is leftovers.

Overall, it was a good day. I did get a headache around noon again but it wasn't as bad. It seemed to come and go. Hopefully I won't get another tomorrow. I think I am doing pretty good. The big challenge will be tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping, and plan out the next week or so. Maybe on my lunch tomorrow I will plan the next week out. I am trying to find a place to go out to eat on Tuesday since its our date night.

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Day 4: TGIF!

I woke up and did not want to get out of bed. I didn't want to ride my bike in or take the bus or walk. I didn't want to do anything. I forced myself to ride in and I was thankful.

#1 3 fried eggs in coconut oil

#2: Chicen salad made with homemade mayo, avacado, cucumber served over lettuce

#3: Beef with peppers, mushrooms and broccoli with ghee

So I had thebest ride home ever on the bike trail, I was so happy that I rode in so I could ride home. Friday is the only day I go home that way since on the other days I am going to the gym: Mon, Wed Thur, or out to eat on Tues. IT put me in a great good and was so much fun. I got my ghee and seawed snacks in the mail today.I ghee is so good I can't believe I have never had it before. The seaweed snacks I haven't tried yet since I am full from dinner. Only a lite headache, and being tired as heck. OVerise a great day. I am ready for saturday though it might be a challenge.

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Day 5:

#1: 4 eggs broccoli with ghee

#2: a little leftover beef with peppers and mushrooms 2 boiled eggs with salt, seasnax pack

#3: Mexican 'cauliflower rice' with grass fed ground beef, onions and tomatoes

OVerall, it was a good day. I went grocery shopping which I really needed to do. Tomorrow I should be heading to the Coop which should have some more options for me. I am hoping to find some bacon and get some soup bones. More grass fed beef would be good as well, since I am almost out. I bought the well fed cookbook and I can't wait until it shows up. I have been trying to figure out places to go out to eat and am giving up for this week. Instead, I am getting some wild salmon and baking it for Tuesday night date night. Craving wise I am doing fine, I have been able to resist everything that has been thrown my way. I did step on the scale at a weak point to see what was going on.

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Day 6: I can't believe its Sunday

I spent today cooking food, shopping at the coop and studying. We had to bike up to the COOP which is at the top of a hill so that was fun. Going home was super fast with all the weight in my bags. I got some grass fed ground beef, whole30 hot dogs, and sausage, along with coconut aminos, more coconut oil since it was on sale and some salsa. OVerall I was happy with my venture. I also ordered some coconut butter online with my hubby's peanut butter order.

#1: 2 eggs with sweet potato hash

#2: 2 hotdogs with cauliflower rice with hot sauce and ghee

#3: Chicken legs with roasted butternut squash and a seasnax pack

The sweet potato hash is awesome. I made some for the next couple of mornings and froze the rest. I figure by Thursday I will want something else for breakfast. Today was a day of wanting, I wouldn't say cravings, but I would see something at the Coop and be like I bet thats tasty, but I really wouldn' crave it. It was weird. Also I almost had a piece of ganola when a bag burst all over me. Almost but stopped myself. So Six days down, almost at the week point. I feel like I have learned alot more about food and cooking in this process. I bought some more spices and have been playing a bit. Not to mention I love Ghee, like I could eat it by the spoonful but am resisting. Woah so much better then butter. Though it is pretty expensive. I need to use the coconut oil a bit more for things that won't matter. Now that I think about it I have been using so much more cooking oil in everything. Its like I am no longer scared of it. Anyway end of ramble. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Day 7: One Week

#1: 2 eggs with sweet potato hash

#2: Chicken legs with squash

#2.5: Banana larabar

#3: Burger on lettuce with avacado mayo, avacado, onion, hot salsa along with brussel sprouts and cucuber slices

Today went well. I got Well Fed in the mail so I am totally going to be flipping through that tonight. I need to plan in a snack before my workouts. I usually eat lunch around noon, then by 4:30 five am ready for food, aka snack, then I bike to the gym at six and get 45-60 minutes of kettlebells in then bike home to dinner around 7:15-8ish. I need to figure out the best way to structure my eating on MWTH, because of thi schedule. Also, it would be good to get it down since during tax season I will be getting home late and will need to figure out the best way to make it work without going wicked hungry.

I can't believe it has been a week already. OH and I got the mom the book for her birthday and she is going to do it as soon as she quits smoking. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.

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Day 8: I need more veggies

#1: 2 eggs with sweet potato hash

#2: Burger with brussel sprouts

#2.5: spoon of almond butter and seasnax

#3: Baked Salmon with salad and broccol

I am currently reading Well Fed and trying to learn alot with how she cooks food for the week. I just realized I haven't planned out the rest of the week yet and I better get to it. Today was a good day. I slept in a bit and arrived at work late which wasn't normal. Besides that I really want fudge. I think the cravings are starting to hit.

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Day 9: Still working on the veggie thing

#1: 2 eggs with sweet potato hash

#2: Leftover salmon with broccoli

#3: Steak with purple cabbage

I need to go grocery shopping pretty bad. I have a ton of ideas of how to handle next week and the nights that I go to the gym after work. Slowly, I will get this down pat so we are not eating out the time, which this challenge has stopped. Friday night we are going to chipotle and my menu is set. I can't believe it has only been nine days, it feels like it has been longer.

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Day: 10

#1: Salmon salad with egg mayo and cucumber

#2: leftover steak with purple cabbage

#3: Mexican rice


#1:Beef marrow, Deviled eggs

#2: leftover mexican rice

#3: Chiptole whole 30 mix

Woah, its already the 11. I have been so busy studying but keeping whole 30 all the same. I feel like it is becoming normal and not me eating different. I also feel alot more comfortable talking about the way I am eating. I do have some social situations coming up that I am going to be put to the test. Mostly by not drinking. I know I can do it. I am almost at the halfway point. I am already making lunch dates for sushi with some knew co-workers. I had to explain why I had to wait until this month was over. They might go before then but its okay. I will be able to have sushi soon.

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Day: 12

#1 Eggs

#2 Turkey cucumber avacado, mayo tomato in a sea weed wrap

#3 larabar not really hungry

Day: 13

#1: eggs and sausages

#2:Turkey cucumber, mayo tomato in a sea weed wrap

#3: Meatballs with zuci noodles tomatoes olives

Day 14:

#1: eggs with sausages

#2: 2 meatballs, chicken, olives, cucumbers, peppers, carrots with sunshine dip

#3: Chicken pepers onion cabbage stirfry

Still going strong.

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Da 16: This is starting to feel normal

#1: Eggs with sausage

#2: Burger with vggies, avacado, mayo olives

#3:Fijitias bowls with avacado

I have been waking up at 3am wide awake lately. Getting around 5 hours of sleep. I stay in bed until I fall back asleep, but I feel like if i did get up then watch out.

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Still moving along. At this point I know I am going to finish it. I wonder why the first week is the hardest. I have gotten so much better at saying no. I am still not getting enough veggies with my breakfast so I am trying to figure out an easy way to do that. Besides that I am doing really well. We got a costco membership which is just awesome, I love that our cupboards are stocked. It is so much easier to pull something together quick when you have stuff on hand.

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I am almost done. Part of me can't believe that tomorrow I am done. The rest of me is like, yeah so what, you knew you could do this. I feel so good, so proud. The only thing I miss seems to be rice and chocolate, so those will be the first two things to go back into my diet. Hopefully, I am fine with the rice.

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