Stevia in the darn salad dressing


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How about a Whole33?  That way you keep on counting but you still get your full 30 days.

As far as the headache, I don't know how you classify 'terrible' but its not uncommon to have a headache due to the detox process, removal of sugar/simple carbs and depending on how you ate before, it could be the reason.  Make sure you're eating to the template for every meal, salt your food to taste, drink 1/2oz of water per pound of bodyweight and the headache should resolve.

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@JonnyWhole I'm in the same exact boat - I just realized last night there was carrageenan in the (dairy free) splash of creamer I've had the past three mornings... Doing a re-start will kill all of my motivation (and ruin my awesome color coded calendar with my days marked and meals planned...), so I'm doing a Whole33!! 

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