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Re-Intro and Food Poisoning


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I'm an American living in Pakistan and food poisoning is very common us weak stomach westerners. I've been here for about 9 months now and am definitely accustomed to the food and environment. I just finished up a pretty successful Whole30 in which I mainly ate food I cleaned and cooked myself. I just reintroduced legumes by eating all W30 approved foods and adding about 3/4 cup of pinto beans to my breakfast, half a can of chick peas to my salad at lunch and about 3/4 cup pinto beans to my dinner. I had a pretty mild response initially: interesting visit to the bathroom the next day and a bit of sluggishness. By the late afternoon I had pretty bad body aches, and then in the morning on the next day was feeling so bad I had to stay home from work. These are definitely food poisoning symptoms, but I don't know if they were lentil related.

So, my question is, shall I try to introduce legumes again once I'm completely healed from the food poisoning? Or should I move on to the next category, corn? I'm really committed to do the reintroduction right. 

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