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Stores in CANADA that sell Whole 30 Compliant condiments

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Hey!! I am brand spankin new to this whole30 thing (I am on day 4, things are going well, but I miss some more creamier substances for say, lettuce wraps) and I was wondering if there is any stores in Canada that may sell some of the whole30 compliant sauces? I know i can make some, but it would be nice to have some on hand, so if I feel a craving (like i did last night when i made chicken tacos..it sadly was missing the dairy - i usually put plain Greek yogurt, but i cant now haha) so i just wanted some creamy substance. I know i can order online, but thought i would check if stores in Canada have anything.


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I'm in Calgary and I have found the following compliant items at the following stores:

Planet Organic

  • Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo
  • sugar free ketchup (I can't remember the brand)

Community Whole Foods

  • Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo
  • Thai Red curry sauce 


  • Wholly Guacamole 
  • Good Foods Tomatillo Avocado Salsa
  • Good Foods Guacamole 
  • Kirkland Bacon (lower sodium)


  • Summer Fresh Bruschetta 

There are probably more compliant sauces but this is what I have seen and purchased thus far.

If you are in Calgary then also check out Community Whole Foods for compliant meats and sausages.  

The Calgary Famers Market has a vendor called Missing Links which has chicken, duck, and lamb products such as sausage, meatballs, etc with no added sugars or fillers. I found a fantastic bison garlic sausage at another vendor and there are also beef and pork vendors with a few compliant meat products  

This is what I have found so far.  I'm still searching for a compliant fish sauce.

Whole30 has made me see more clearly what I am eating and what I want to be eating. Good luck.  


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I believe well.ca also has some food items that you might find that are compliant.  If you've never used Well and want an invite code for $10off, shoot me a message or see if one of your friends or family has an account so they can give it to you ;) (same goes for naturamarket too)

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