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Yay! So I didn’t do this the last three times, but for some reason this time is being kind of difficult for me so I thought the accountability might be nice. 

I’m a surgery resident, which means my work schedule and stress level is pretty high all the time. Right now I’m on night float, which in hindsight was a poor time to choose to do this, but I really felt I needed to do one, and I have a thing about months that fall on sundays/mondays so april seemed perfect!

I did my first whole30 last january, then another in september, then another this january, and now I’m doing another. I spent all of February in belize, where I didn’t have any control over my food, it was all made for me by the hospital we were working for, so I slowly ate worse and worse things for myself. Lots of carbs as it was a vegetarian hospital. March came around and I had my first month of night float (yes, two months in a row). For those who don’t know, night float means I work 5pm to 6am. Since I’m a 4th year I work sunday-thursday night and then go to our conference friday 3-5pm but have friday night and saturday night off. Which is amazing! As an intern we only have saturday night off, so honestly I feel like I have a lot of free time on weekends I’ve never had before, but I feel my time during the week is very limited. 

I started April 1, 5pm, and it’s just been hard this time. I felt very very sick the first few days, and yesterday it was so bad I literally couldn’t eat. I felt too nauseated and of course I was at work, so I couldn’t be making myself vomit when I had patients to take care of. Luckily today I am feeling better. My biggest issue this week is last weekend I had a bachelorette party to attend out of town, so sunday I drove home 4 hours after 3 hours of sleep, had 2 hrs and then had to be at work and awake all night. Needless to say this meant no food prep and a rough week for me. But I’ve got an awesome meal plan for next week and it’s my last full night this week, so I can go grocery shopping and meal prep tomorrow!! I’m so excited. 

Tomorrow I’ll probably have some tuna salad and I’m gonna make coconut shrimp and sloppy joe sweet potatoes. (Obviously I’ll have veggies as well, and some avocado if there’s not enough fat in the protein dish) but that will be my meals for the weekend. My meals for next week are as follows:

Meal 1: same every day, 2 turkey plantain sausage patties (from no crumbs left) with veggies (I usually do sauteed spinach and peppers or mushrooms for meal 1) easy to heat up and just grab and go right before I head to work at 5pm

Meal 2: same every day, chicken salad (I used mayo, onion and grapes in mine) with veggies (usually left over from dinner, so brussel sprouts, carrots, kale, mushrooms. And I want to try jicama for the first time on its own!)

Meal 3: Sunday- bang bang scallops and veggies, Monday/Tuesday Banh mi burger with veggies (will have potatoes on the day I’m going to run) Wednesday/Thursday- crispy chicken thighs with veggies (gonna have artichoke)

Friday/Saturday I like to mix it up a little, probably still have chicken salad for one meal, but I’m thinking maybe some chicken wings, mahi fish bites, beef bulogi with borscht, maybe some carrot soup, we will see. I have time to figure it out. 

Ok, that’s it!

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