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Starbucks Hot Chai Tea


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I am a huge Starbucks addict.  Stopping on my way to work everyday i used to get a Grande Café Mocha(Chocolate) with an extra pump of chocolate and an extra shot of expresso.  I know that is now a no, no...

What about their hot chai tea, with nothing added?    The nutritional facts on the website look like it is good, but i  am new to healthy eating/drinking and want to double-check. 

Link to nutritional facts below.


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It appears that this tea is discontinued and on your link you posted I can't see any ingredients listed at all. Maybe that's because I'm in Canada and it's still available in the US? If so and you can see the ingredients, what are they?

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8 hours ago, Timcom said:

I am a huge Starbucks addict. 

Maybe it's time to change this. Obviously, you don't have to -- there are compliant items at Starbucks, they can be a part of your Whole30 if you want them to be. For this particular tea, you'd have to ask to see the ingredients, but if you ask, they should be able to show you. You might go in to the location you usually use at an off time and ask, and if this tea isn't okay, look at some of the others they offer and see what's available. Other things that you could order would be plain brewed coffee (carry your own nutpods or coconut milk to add if you need the creamer), or an Americano, which is a mix of espresso and hot water -- I haven't tried anything with their blond espresso, but it might be a milder/less bitter taste, if that's something you'd want. Whatever you order, be sure they understand not to add any syrup at all, for some drinks the default is to add a simple syrup. 

But if you got yourself a nice travel mug, you could make your own tea or coffee and save a lot of money, then post-Whole30, occasionally have Starbucks as a treat, not an everyday item. You might like a coffee like this one:   https://www.viabomdia.com/collections/ground-coffee/products/dark-chocolate-cacao or you could try brewed chocolate like Choffy or Crio Bru, either on their own or combined with coffee -- whichever you try, try it blended with full-fat canned coconut milk with a bit of ghee or coconut oil (you must blend it if you put in the ghee or oil, in a blender or with an immersion blender, otherwise you get an oil slick on top). You might find you like that as much as your Starbucks mocha. 

I only suggest this because if you keep going there every day on your way to work, even if you get something different, you haven't necessarily changed your habits, you've just subbed in something healthier, but it's still going to be really easy once the rules of Whole30 no longer apply to go back to ordering the same stuff you always ordered before. 

Again, totally up to you, but you're doing this thing for 30 days to make changes in your life, why not go all the way with it and make this change as well?

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