Traveling for a week and n day 14


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I am leaving for a 7 day Yoga training. I’m going n day 14 and going strong. My plan is to get some groceries at Whole Foods when I arrive. Any advice, special tips?

on my list. Nuts, avocado, coffee, apples, almond butter. Grilled chicken ( I hope) veggies, eggs, sparking water, coconut milk, I have some emergency Lara and Epic bars if needed. 


Any advice??

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I'd talk to the people at the training place and be sure of what you'll be able to get from them to eat (make sure they're not serving just vegetarian meals), and find out if there will be a fridge you can store things in, or if you can take a cooler and change out the ice daily -- those will definitely give you more options. If you will have a way to refrigerate things, you can look for hard boiled eggs, possibly some lunch meat (roast beef seems to be the easiest to find compliant, but you might find some turkey), things like carrots, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers (if you like them). 

Don't forget a can opener for the coconut milk, and maybe a paring knife and small cutting board. 

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