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Burke Family Foodies Log


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04/09- Today is Day 1.  I would say we can only go up from here... why do I say that?  Well, we tried to burn the kitchen down doing some prep on Day 0!

Feeling pretty ready for this.  We cleaned out the kitchen Thursday night (Friday was trash day), so we didn't have much of anything in the house.  We saved some leftovers to eat over the weekend, but we had some outings planned.  We had a Chinese buffet Friday night, BBQ with friends for lunch Saturday and pizza with some other friends Saturday night.  Sunday was mostly leftover, but I gained 2 lbs over the weekend and felt miserable most of the weekend

Here are our meals:

Breakfast: Egg cups w/ Kale, tomatoes, Avocados, Green onions, peppers, salt and pepper.  We make these all the time.  We just added more to them for Whole 30.  But we were tired from a long weekend and weren't thinking clearly and even though we added more to them, we tried to make the same amount.  Which meant, the muffin cups overflowed in the oven, causing lots of smoke.  It was horrible.  We had to lock the cats up in the master bathroom at the opposite end of the house, send the dog outside, and open all of the doors and windows.  I mean my front door was wide open for the world to see, so was my garage... oh and it was 34 degrees and snowing.  Fun times.  I have already eaten this today.  It was good, but we will need to make some sausage patties or something to go with it.  Not filling enough.  The plan was to have sausage with it, but we couldn't find any premade compliant ones at Costco or Fresh Thyme, where we shopped over the weekend at, and we ran out of time to make some.  Hopefully we can make some tonight.  I also had planned to eat half my berries, but I had to go to a meetings and ran out of time.

Lunch- a huge salad with spring mix, peppers, green onions, broccoli, pears, gained chicken, pistachios and a balsamic vinaigrette.   I also have a hard boiled egg and some mixed berries.  Looking forward to this.  I can smell the cilantro in the dressing.  Yum.

Dinner- Sheet pan Flank Steak, Potatoes and Veggies.  Not sure which veggies yet, as my husband picked the recipe (he is the cook of the family, and darn good at it- at least when he isn't trying to burn down the kitchen!)  

Extras:  Trying La Croix  Berry Flavored.  Never had La Croix before.  It is ok, tastes like a very flat soda esque drink.  I normally drink only water- sometimes with some lemon or peppermint essential oils added.  But every once in awhile I want something different. Before Whole30, I would just have some wine or whiskey and it would be fine.  Can't have that.  I have to be in the mood for tea to have tea, so trying this to see if Its something I like enough to have when I don't want just plan water.  My husband likes soda and coffee (or Creamer and Sugar with some coffee added) so for him the flavored waters are a must for now.

Back-ups... I brought a can of chicken and some Go Go Squeezes we found that were compliant, to have in desk drawer in case I am hungry and am tempted to head to the vending machine.  I have options.

We have talked a lot about doing this and preparing, so I think it will go well.  I know there will be bad days, but most of the food is not any different than what we ate before, we just basically cut out the crap.  

Till next time... Burke Family Signing out.


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Here is my blog post for Day 2: http://ourlifetheburkefamily.blogspot.com/2018/04/whole30-day-2.html


I will say the highlight for Day 1 was our dinner.  It was so good.  Sheet Pan Herb Steak and Veggies.  Check out this picture.  I am having leftovers for today's lunch and it is so good.

Day 2 meals:

Breakfast: 2 egg cups, 2 beef sausage patties and a banana (a #NSV for me, since I do not like bananas)

Lunch: Leftover Sheet Pan Steak and veggies.  Amazing

Dinner: Zoodles with Chicken and Veggies

Extras: Hard Boiled Egg, Apple Sauce Pouch, Pistachios, Green Olives and a La Croix.  I will have the apple sauce and green olives with lunch i think.


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