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Greetings Whole30ers,

I'm a big believer in community and I'd love to help build a stronger Whole30 contingency in New York City. I'm curious -- would anyone have interest in a weekly or monthly meetup? "WholeThursday"? :D We could meet to exchange experiences...venues can be the array of vegan/paleo/vegetarian/healthyish restaurants in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn. I've started blogging about my experience and I've already felt the "support" on instagram but think we could develop quite the collaborative in person.

  • Discuss challenges specific to living in NYC
  • Exchange recipes
  • EAT
  • Why did *YOU* start Whole30? What did you learn?
  • How to streamline your mealprep
  • Product recommendations 
  • How to save money when shopping for Whole30 compliant products
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • More!

Would love some feedback - let's get brainstorming! 

Kelly @wholeyshift [email protected]


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Hi! I googled "Whole 30 NYC support" and your post popped up! I'd love to get in touch and start a community support Meetup!!

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