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Ideal meal template post Whole30

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I have been kind of curious about this, thinking about life after Whole30

Let's assume that through reintroduction, you didn't notice any real issues with any food group.

What should your meal template look like if you want to add those things into your daily life?

For example, a slice of bread.  Would that be in addition to the suggest meal template of meat, veggies, fat? Keep the same amount of everything else and just kind of tack on whatever you want?

What about something like cottage cheese? Would you be able to replace your "fats" with the cottage cheese if it is full fat?

What about black beans? Would they replace a serving veggies on the plate?


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There isn't really any guidance on that. It's going to be a personal experiment for you.

As my own example though, if we make a recipe that has rice as a base, I'll have a small portion and then make up the difference with the entree and veggies, just because I feel better if I have a small amount of rice....I really like rice and small amounts don't bother me but for my own context, I don't need a large serving of it. I don't personally add other things like rolls or toast with meals because I feel better without it..........but my husband and I ate an entire loaf of sourdough for lunch during a recent weekend road trip and it was both worth every bite and completely destroyed my appetite for the rest of the day. The next day we had a proper Whole30 breakfast and will remember the baguette fondly. 

Does that help at all? It's so personal. I would say overall I think most people who live a "whole30-ish lifestyle" tend to use Whole30 meal template as the foundation of most of their meals. 

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