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Day 31 to Forever

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Today is day 31 of the Whole30 and day 37 no sugar!

In 37 days I've lost 12 lbs.  Have so much more energy and food tastes so much better.

I'm not sure what the future holds.  Will I continue to lose weight if I keep this up?  The only way to know is to keep it up.  Today I tried sushi and I didn't like it.  It was too sweet and too vinegary and just tasted wrong.   So, my fears of falling off the wagon and wanting to rush off and eat all the bad things is ridiculous.  

This month, I'm going to hit the gym extra hard. I'd love to take down another 12 lbs in the next 37-40 days, it's going to take extra effort, but I can do this thing. :> 


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Hubby is doing great.  He was pain-free this past weekend.  The night after we had the sushi, the pain reduced by half and then went away.  Not sure if it was the fish or the rice or the soy.  We went whole 30 the rest of the week and weekend but he hasn't had a spike again.  (He also lost 16lbs!)  

So glad we found this program! :D It's awesome. Just wish the weight would melt right off :P


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