Reintroduction during period

Christine H

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Hi everyone,

It looks like my reintroduction is going to coincide with my period, or at least with pms... Yikes.

Would you advice against doing the reintroduction during my period? If I feel terrible, I may not be able to tell whether it's from pms or from the reintroduced food. Then again, I'm not sure I can keep going with W30 for much longer than 30 days, either, as it isn't really making me feel great.

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I did part of my reintroductions (still ongoing) during my period and it worked out for me. I happened to reintro some dairy before my period - not intentionally, but it worked out as I believe dairy makes everything worse during my period. 

I am definitely not an expert by any means, but I would start reintroductions. Some of my reactions to foods were not at all like PMS/period symptoms so I was able to distinguish a bad chickpea reaction from woman issues. (As a side note, my post-w30 period was lighter and significantly less painful than usual which also helped for sussing out what’s what.) 

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