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Psoriasis sufferers - a question


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So I have been trying and failing the Whole30 for a few weeks. Once I was violently sick and chose to eat a bread roll rather than the veg and eggs in my fridge (my choice and my fault), the other I was given non-compliant food without being aware of it.


On both occasions, I’ve bounced right back and have continued with the regime. I’m focused and happy, managing to avoid all the ‘treats’ colleagues have been bringing into work around Easter and beyond.


My major issue is my skin. I developed psoriasis just over 10 years ago after a bout of tonsillitis, which went for a while and came back - elbows only. Since starting the Whole30, I’ve developed guttate psoriasis (the original onset of it) on my face. 

I haven’t changed anything I’m using on my skin, how I wash my clothes, my environment; I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar response and if so, how they dealt with it. Is this a ‘breakout’ which many people say they experience (although normally, I think more acne-related) and if so does it pass?

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