Niman Ranch/Pederson's Bacon- still carcinogenic?

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I'm on day 27 of my first Whole 30 and feeling really good about it. My one concern is about bacon and red meat in general, which I've been enjoying a lot of the last month. I'm remembering the World Health Organization study that was released in 2015 which said that bacon and probably most red meat is carcinogenic. 


I'm wondering if any of the moderators here know if any follow-up research has been done about high quality bacon/red meat? I'm HOPING that buying antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, etc. bacon/meat might ameliorate the risks? Anyone know?

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The moderators here are volunteers.  In general we don't follow up on studies and reports unless it's of specific interest to us personally.  We would encourage you to research - any studies or reports that would be available to us would be available online to anyone who is looking for them.

You can start with the response that I believe Mark Sisson made to that article by googling.  I think some other big names in the paleo community also refuted that article as bunk which can also be found with a little bit of google research :)


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