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Let Me Introduce Myself

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Hi y'all! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sheri. I live on a 1-acre homestead, and I committed myself to doing whole30 because of severe stomach and gallbladder issues.

I just finished my first round of whole 30, and am presently working on the Reintroduction phase.

Because of severe pain I know that doing this for just 30 days will not be enough to heal my digestive system! So, I'm planning on a whole30, or 60, or even 90!

Most likely, because of the progress I have already had, I expect this will be a lifetime gig!

I'm okay with that! - Being healthy and pain free is a good thing!

I even have plans to turn the whole northwest section of my small farm into a whole 30 compliant garden!

Looking forward to meeting others who are on this same journey!

Here's to better health!

~ Sheri

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