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A Fresh Start


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1/1/2013: Day 1 of my first Whole30. As I walked through the market today, carefully reading labels and realizing how many things I couldn't buy, my husband pointed out that I was choosing to d this... why?

Lots of reasons....

1. Holiday eating and parties have left me bloated and feeling generally awful

2. After losing 100 pounds, my weight has started to go up again (the scale this morning was horrifying)

3. I haven't had a good night's sleep in years

4. I'm tired of breaking out

Got up very late this mooring due to NYE festivities...


scrabbled egg over spicy roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes (thank you PaleOMG) and wilted spinach plus a clementine

AFTERNOON SNACKS: boiled egg, some string beans, a clementine, some walnut butter

DINNER: roasted cod, brussel sprouts, salad, a Lara Bar with some tea

Made my lunch for tomorrow... and took out shrimp for dinner.

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Day 2:

ROUGH DAY back to work after a long break and coffee with no milk doesn't work for me.... so today I made almond milk in my VitaMix and I can't wait for tomorrow mooring.

Made eggs for breakfast, had chili for lunch, and a curry shrimp dish for dinner. My husband was happy becuase he got to have rice with his.

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