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Diet and Arthritis

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So I have been experiencing a painful swollen elbow following an injury during volleyball a few years back. During my pregnancy with my daughter, I regained almost all range of motion and felt good, but a few months after she was born the swelling and soreness were back. Then my knees started swelling out of the blue and I knew I was dealing with more than just an injury. I haven't started Whole30 because we have several things coming up that I know I won't be able to stay on plan throughout, but I am very curious.. If my inflammation IS connected to my diet, why now? I've eaten pretty decently my whole life, not alot of sugar and lots of veggies, but dairy and grains have always been a part of my diet. Why would I all of the sudden be experiencing problems with these foods when I've always eaten them without any issues. I'm not doubting this diet, just wondering if someone can explain why the body starts to react to foods that have never been a problem before. Anyone? And I would looove to hear from anyone dealing with these same issues!

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