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Only losing weight when I'm stuffed all the time?!

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Hey all,

I'm still hanging in here, currently on day 28 and almost done! :D

I know this isn't a weight loss diet, but I've noticed something strange. During the first two weeks I followed the template pretty well, felt stuffed most of the time, but it looked like I was getting slimmer. Then I had a tough week for which I hadn't meal planned well enough, I was hungry a lot, and looked fatter. Now I've followed the template, and planned better, for another week and a half or so, and I'm looking slimmer again! But I am also feeling uncomfortably full most of the time (despite hardly eating any fruit and nuts, as was suggested to me in my other thread).

Does this mean I can only lose weight when I'm stuffed all the time?! That just seems so strange!

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