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Nanette's whole30 log


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Time to get down to business, right? Even with the digestive house cleaning I've got going on, the Holidays became an excuse to let some of those gnarly old habits back in. It is def true that sugar is an addictive substance . ..

Today I Ate:

Bulletproof coffee

Strauss family GF veal bratwurst w/ caveman BBQ sauce

Green beans

BA salad w/ avocado, onion, baked beets, cucumber romaine lettuce olive oil & vinegar

Italian garlic & basil marinara w/GF ground beef

Spaghetti squash

Feels good to be back;)

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Day 2

I woke up with a nasty tummy ache. I'm not afraid of what I'm feeling because it has a name. I have HPylori. I don't present with symptoms like an ulcer, burning and stuff like that - I get a tummy ache - when I eat a lot of fat, I feel nauseous and pressure in my stomach. So very glad I got tested and now have some facts and a real plan that works hand in hand with Whole30.

I am so looking forward to getting my supplements - the HPylori busting ones.

So far today I ate:

Bulletproof Coffee - without the butter - only a small dose of MCT oil and some watered down coconut milk

GF Veal bratwurst

My tummy is much happier, for the moment anyway.

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I missed being able to walk today, it was just way too cold, brrrr, like 10 degrees brrrrr.

I finished my day eating:

Caveman crockpot pulled pork (yummy BBQ sauce, sugar free)

BA salad with romaine, avocado, beets, onion olive oil & vinegar

Blackberries with coconut cream

OK now I'm feeling the carb flu, just a little. I wasn't indulging that much during the holidays. Guess it doesn't take much . . .

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I love that pulled pork recipe!

Me too Derval! It doesn't last long in our house . .

My God, I love this coffee.

It's time for liver. I used to hate liver when I was a kid. My mom fixed it at least twice a month and always with lima beans. I can't remember which I disliked the most the liver or the lima beans.

I've learned to love liver with a few onions, sauteed in some Ghee with a little salt and pepper, it's a favorite in our house. Even my husband loves liver. It really pays to find an organic grass-fed brass finished farmer in the area. All the offal organs we get from our local farmer are fresh and really flavorful.

Offal organs? Yep, I love them, tongue, heart, liver . . . I'm making my mom proud these days ;)

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Day 3

I was really tired today. I must be having some carb flu stuff going on. Those damn pesky cravings showed up this afternoon, right on time. Glad I had something planned, they went down hard, totally lost ;-D.

Today I ate:

Bulletproof coffee (no butter)


BA salad with arugula, heirloom lettuce, olives, cukes, onions, blackberries, avocado

Sunflower butter, celery

Liver & onions


I am ready for a good night's sleep.

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That was hilarious - I just read the post "The Timeline" http://whole9life.com/2013/01/whole30-timeline/

Ray (he's my husband) had just gotten up, walked downstairs and asked me "How are you feeling, hon?" I just gave him "the look", you know "the look". He left . . .

Day 4 and I am pissy. Crap, I had no idea a couple of weeks, well maybe 3 or 4 weeks of "indulgence" could set me back like this. I wonder if anyone has actually started a "study" or at least tallied up peoples' experiences when they, I don't know, RELAPSE? for any length of time and then come back to Whole30 and find themselves feeling like they're in worse shape than when they did their very first Whole30 . . .

The upside - I have more energy today - I fired up my crockpot with a chuck roast, onions, carrots, and a jar of salsa. Should be done right in time for dinner. I may add some sweet potatoes a couple of hours before the timer's set to go off.

We are freezing here again today.

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Sounds like you are doing great.....keep it up!

Thanks Gavril - I was so tired last night I forgot to log my Day 4. I think I slept for 9 hours last night . . .

Yesterday I ate:

Bulletproof Coffee - no butter

Herbal Tea


Green Beans


Cut up veggies and Sunshine Sauce from "Well Fed"

Crockpot Chuck Roast w/ carrots, onions

I totally zonked out at 8pm last night. I hope the sun is shining somewhere, because it is really dark here in the Windy City. Crap! I forgot to add the sweet potatoes . . . .

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"Over the last 4 years or so, I've done a handful of Whole30 re-sets, and everyone of them has (a) been different from the others and (B) incredibly eye-opening and helpful in some way." Melissa at clothesmakethegirl.

Day 5

I just read Melissa's post on 30 reasons to do a Whole30 and I loved the quote above. I was feeling a little, no a lot disoriented this morning. This Whole30 is totally different than the last one I did last Fall. I woke up feeling like I had a hang over. My sleep has been erratic - too much or too little. Last year I did a full 60 days - it seemed so easy . . .

So, what does it mean? I'm going to take the way I'm feeling as my body's way of telling me that it's working harder this time - so I need to work harder, mentally and emotionally to push through the physical discomfort. In other words, it's actually a good thing.

This is huge for me. If it isn't easy, I usually don't participate. Don't get me wrong, I way prefer easy. With this renewed commitment, and new way of looking at "discomfort" my life will become much easier. It may not be as quickly as I'd prefer, but that's totally okay with me. I completely understand now what people mean when they say "I had no idea I felt so lousy, most of the time." Guess I just was accepting it as normal.

So, difficult can become easy with the right mind set. This next week I'll be adding in my "natural" detox to get rid of my Hpylori. Should be an interesting ride . . .Be careful what you wish for, right?

I definitely got the solution I was looking for, I just didn't realize how unprepared I was for implementing it. Live and learn . . .

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Day 5

I got the supplements to start Hpylori today, finally. Since starting them my stomach has been acting up, like a dull ache or something. I'm still able to eat and have a healthy appetite. What was different today was I could tell when I was full, and didn't have any cravings within minutes of eating. I didn't feel the need to eat again until 4-5 hours later. It's much the same experience I had after some time following the Whole30 last time around.

Today I ate:

Bulletproof coffee (no butter)

Herbal tea

GF veal bratwurst

Green beans



Crockpot chuck roast with carrots and onions

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Day 6

A big shout out to Derval for inspiring me to post my long-term goals. Maybe TMI but I'm committed to sharing and participating this time around:

A girl on purpose. Who I want to be.

  1. Healthy and vibrant
    • Clear headed, headache free, clean sinuses, bright clear eyes
    • Muscular, toned, pain free, strong, sinewy, flexible, capable of lifting and moving heavy objects
    • Pooping like a champ, no more itching, long smooth odor free beautiful poops

[*]Emotionally calm - Mentally sharp - Spiritually Fit

  • Tons no gobs, loads, a boat load of energy while calm and serene
  • Happy, genuinely happy with who I am
  • Grateful for my life, the people in it, my husband, friends, sister, brother, family, my cats
  • Anger, fear, self-pity, guilt & remorse - non-coping mechanisms

[*]Curious, Inventive, Successful

  • Exploring my potential
  • Uncovering hidden talents
  • Willing to commit to becoming, participating, accomplishing, DOING

​Tomorrow I plan to post how I plan to get there - I found the reasons why I'm doing this to be really key to my success. When I feel lousy, like carb flu - I just re-read who I choose to be and come to the realization that what I'm going through now, a few hours or a day or two of discomfort is worth it in the long run.

Have lots of crockpot chuck roast to eat up. I splurged and bought a ham yesterday - nitrate, nitrite free - humanely raised, etc. That's dinner.

I plan to eat before I go to a brunch this morning. A girlfriend of mine does this every year. Lots of left over Christmas cookies, banana and fruit breads with wheat flour, I plan to go for the friendship and good times. We always have a good time ;)

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Love it!

Thanks Derval!

Day 6

Good times at the New Years brunch with my gal pals. Felt pretty good not to be tempted by all the sugar from Dunkin Donuts to Whole Foods brownie bites and cream cheese cupcakes. Did a lot of catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Today I ate

Grass Fed Whisnant Family beef summer sausage

Cut up veggies w/sunshine sauce

Caveman crockpot pulled pork

Avocado, tomato and salsa salad

Grilled turkey drumstick


Felt pretty good today. I am really tired tonight.

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Day 7

There's a war going on inside me. This Hpylori is a b***h to get rid of. I'm just really glad I found a good protocol that doesn't include antibiotics. I took a lot of those as a child, adolescent and an adult and each time they left me sicker and had less of an impact in getting rid of any infection I was dealing with at the time.

We're having a heat wave in the Windy City - tomorrow's going to be high 30's and the next day, a balmy 40+. I feel a long walk coming on . . .

Fixed a ham today - no nitrates/nitrites, uncured - so very good! We paired it up with some fresh asparagus with Kerrygold butter. It's getting easier again to know when I'm actually full. I've hit that point in my Whole30 where I'm not going crazy for "sugar". I actually had a banana today in my BA salad and was very satisfied. Good feeling, that!

Today I ate:

Bulletproof Coffe - no butter, MCT oil and coconut milk

Crockpot chuck roast w/carrots

BA salad w/ avocado, heirloom lettuce, arugula, a little onion, olives, banana, Olive oil & Vinegar

Baked ham

Asparagus w/Kerrygold butter

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Day 8

Time to visit aunt Sally. I'm bringing her some more ham today - she really enjoyed the last batch I brought her. I haven't seen her for two weeks, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Taking out some hamburger for dinner - packing my lunch today with ham, cut up veggies and sunshine sauce and leftover asparagus. Thinking about making a taco salad tonight . . .

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Day 9

Long day yesterday. We went to two separate grocery stores. I had been to visit Sally in two weeks, so she needed a lot of "stuff". Last year when I was doing my Whole30 she actually started taking an interest in how I was doing and tried to follow along a bit. We just have such a sweet tooth in our family - at 82 years young - she's pretty committed to having her cookies and danish.

We bought 2 huge boxes of frozen cookies you just throw in the oven and bake - you don't want to know what else . . .

We have lots of left overs today and tomorrow. Good deal cause I got called in to work on Thursday.

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Whole30 Daily/Weekly (short term) goals:

Whole30 Goals


· I will create 3 main meals through out the week making enough for leftovers for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner so as to always have paleo compliant food on hand instead of snacking on non-paleo compliant food.

· I will limit fruit intake to no more than 1 fruit per day (or less) to keep my insulin levels steady and cut down on cravings.

· I will eliminate eggs ( having found by experimentation that I have a sensitivity to them).

· I will drink at least 2 full 32 oz. containers of water per day.

· I will record my food intake daily in the Whole9life forum.

· I will take my supplements as directed – to knock out the problems in my gut (parasites, H pylori)


· I will find creative ways to deal with my cravings, which are very stressful to turn off, that occur in the afternoon from 2 to 4pm solutions to include; meditating, going for walks, taking the initiative to organize closets, drawers, etc. , write in my DayOne Journal and/or meditate.

· I will be in bed by 9pm and sleep no less than 8 hours a night.


· I will incorporate weight training (kettle bells, body weight calisthenics) with walking long distances and/or rebounding HIIT (30 secs full out – 2 minutes rest x 8.

· I will keep my Nike Fuel points over 2000 daily, shooting for over 3,000 daily.


· I will read my Year Round with Emmett Foxx every morning before getting on the computer and I will meditate for 10 – 15 minutes afterward before drinking my tea.

· I will read 2 books a month one about health & fitness & nutrition; one just for fun – fiction mystery, fantasy, etc.

So far so good. Still working on posting photos.

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Day 10

I shot an email to my FDN coach yesterday because I was starting to feel nauseous after taking some of my supplements. She assured me that was to be expected on the H pylori protocol. It's not nearly as bad as it would be if I were taking all the antibiotics in the protocol administered by most physicians. My stomach cannot tolerate antibiotics at all, especially the new Z-Paks they prescribe today.

The other thing she's been recommending is (WARNING TMI) coffee enemas. I've had colonics before. They were tough to get used to at first, but this whole enema thing at home - plus coffee. So, this last month I've been trying, I mean "trying" to give myself an enema and finally accomplished it yesterday morning. It was amazing how I felt throughout the rest of the day.

I'm working a full day today - something to do with computer work they need done. So very glad I prepare meals ahead of time. I plan to pack some ham, left over broccoli, dill pickles, cut up veggies and sunshine sauce (from WELL FED).

It's a small financial advisor's office and my BF works there too. The advisor who owns the franchise completely gets the way I eat - his doctor has him on a ketogenic protocol. I don't think I could eat that much fat and that low carb.

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Day 11

This protocol to get rid of H Pylori is kicking my a**! I'm having some serious "major evacuations" as my friend Derval would say :rolleyes: .

No work today, just a new meeting I'm starting up in my neighborhood with a bunch of gal pals. My FDN coach shot me an email yesterday with a trick to help with the queasiness in my tummy. Baking soda. Right? My mom used to give us kids that when we were sick with the flu when we were kids. It was baking soda in water or 7Up. Course 7Up won hands down, but we couldn't have that until after supper . . .

It's helping, yay!

I've been slacking off with exercise since starting this H Pylori protocol so I'm stepping it up with Kettlebell training today. Tomorrow I'll continue with the HIIT/Tabata all out sprinting on the rebounder followed by active rest. I usually do 8 sprints for 30 seconds followed by a 2 minute active rest. As with anything, when I'm consistent, it gets easier.

It will be a long time before I buy another ham - this last one was really big - we'll be eating it for days at this rate. Time to google paleo recipes for left over ham . . .;)

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