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Day 16 and Hitting a Wall

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Hi! I'm on Day 16 of my first Whole 30 and seem to be hitting a wall. I felt pretty good last week and the last two days I've hit a major energy slump and cravings are coming back full force. I started working out to my normal amounts last week since my energy was good (HIIT training 3x a week). Just not sure exactly what I need to tweak. I don't need to lose any weight and am mostly doing this to get into a healthier eating habit and to try to regain some energy/overall feel better.

Here's what I've been eating the last day or two:

Breakfast casserole - eggs/compliant breakfast sausage/compliant hashbrowns/green onions - plus a little added veggie (bell pepper), banana with almond butter

Lunch: greek chicken (chicken, olives, bell pepper, red potatoes) on zucchini noodles, mandarin oranges (2); lunch the previous day - sloppy joe on a potato (ground beef, dates and tomatoes for sauce, onions, green onions in the sauce mixture), bell pepper slices, nuts for fat

Dinner: chicken with mixed steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), and an apple, and half an avocado; the above sloppy joe bowl was a dinner as well and i think i had some nuts and maybe an apple with it

Any help is appreciated!

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Are you using pre and post workout foods after your HIIT training? For sure you should be having at least post workout.

You could probably afford to replace some of your fruits with veggies to get the cravings under control and limit the  nuts and nut products as they aren't the most optimal source of fat and can also cause cravings (ie, banana + almond butter = sweet, soft, creamy goodness).

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