Whole30 and Relationships

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Myself and my partner are doing our first Whole30 (R1 Day 18), and it has been stressful and causing increased frustration in our house. Anyone else experiencing relationships strains from this process?

I am pretty Type A and have been doing a lot of meal prepping etc. My partner is more laid back and is a make it up as we go type. We are both normally very social, like to go out to eat, enjoy cocktails etc. And having to do so much cooking at home, and feeling limited in our social abilities have added a lot of frustration to our house. He is annoyed that I am being so anal about the meal prepping and feels bored having to go to work, come home etc. And I feel annoyed that he doesn't seem to get how much work the W30 is and the planning that it takes. (We did this for a lot of reasons, a big one of which is his health.) And it has just been difficult.  

Hope I'm not the only one out here experiencing this stuff!

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Hi, @SunnyinSanDiego, you're definitely not the first person to run into this. One thing to keep in mind is that you aren't responsible for your partner, so try not to add extra stress to your life by making sure he does everything right. He is either committed to it completely or not, either way, he's the one responsible for his choices.

You can still socialize, though it may look different now than it did pre-whole30. Suggest restaurants where you've already studied the menu and can get something. Or have a potluck at your house, and make sure the food you prepare is compliant. Or suggest outings that don't involve food or where you can easily bring your own -- hiking, museums, movies, fairs or festivals, concerts, a day at the beach, lake, or park depending on what is close to you.

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